Wild ‘n’ Crazy Hamsters

Why do I think a hamster would pay (if he had any money) to be inside a washing machine when it was in spin cycle?

Hey–who let those mice in on this hamster video? Oh: mice acting like hamsters. My mice always took turns on the wheel, one mouse at a time. None of this crazy hamster stuff with everybody on the wheel at once.

6 comments on “Wild ‘n’ Crazy Hamsters

  1. Hamsters are characters. They seem to have fun with their antics and their treadmill skills are second to none. I just find it amazing that such a tiny little creature can be so touch.

  2. My two kittens are doing great! Furry, purry and loveable.

    My son got me a giant hamster-type wheel for them for Christmas. They look at it, but are leery. Maybe it’s the cheetah print. Anyway the manual says it can take a month for them to get the hang of it.

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