‘The Beast of Bodmin–Is It Real?’ (2016)

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Somewhere out on lonely Bodmin Moor prowls the deadly Beast of Bodmin, seeking to prey on anyone foolhardy enough to roam the moor by night…

The Beast of Bodmin–Is It Real?

All right, let’s say the Beast of Bodmin isn’t really, there’s no such thing, all the stories are baloney. But does that mean there never was a Beast? If not, where did all those stories come from? Welsh tales written down a thousand years ago, after having been handed down from one generation to the next over several centuries–did they do that just to confuse us, ages later?

I wonder how many hikers would take a dare to walk the moor at night.

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  1. Knowing how good cats are are hiding, within the house in which they live, I don’t find it hard to believe that a great cat could remain concealed in the wild. Within sight of my home is a range of mountains where they have filmed a Jaguar. Makes one think twice about dancing out the front door, all carefree, after dark.

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