‘Poll: One in Four Would Date a Robot’ (2016)

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Good grief…

Let’s see… how brain-dead does it get?

Ooh-ooh, I know! Brain death has occurred when somebody says he or she would “like to have a relationship” with a robot…. as long as it was good-looking!

Poll: 1 in 4 Would Date a Robot

Okay, this was a poll of a thousand people in Britain, where culture rot is somewhat more advanced than it is here in America. But what goes in Britain eventually goes in America. Before much longer we can expect to see human-robot “relationships” hailed as “a lifestyle” which the rest of us must celebrate or else be branded as biggits and Haters.

Any word on when we’re going to wake from this nightmare?

8 comments on “‘Poll: One in Four Would Date a Robot’ (2016)

  1. These people probably already have a “relationship” with their smartphones, so a robot wouldn’t be much different.

    1. In rejecting God and His word, people behave like a ship’s captain who tosses overboard the compass, the radar, the charts, and the log.

  2. I just don’t see the appeal. Humans need other human interaction. That’s how we tick. Machines can’t sympathize or empathize, they certainly can’t love. None of this will be healthy for humanity. I’m convinced on a long enough timeline, humanity will find some way to make themselves extinct, unless God did not intervene.

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