Cats & Babies: The Cover-Up

What cover-up? Aw, heck, “cover-up” always looks good in a headline…

This is really something, though: you can actually see the babies learning as they play with cats: sometimes, even, by trying to do what the cat’s doing.

Warning: there is one bad cat in this video, and I can’t imagine what got into him. But on the whole, I think we’re safe in saying cats are good for babies.

8 comments on “Cats & Babies: The Cover-Up

    1. That one really caught my eye. What struck me about the whole video is that the cats, for the most part, seemed very engaged and interested in what the babies were doing.

  1. This was very cute– for the most part. That one bad cat is evidence to me that I was right in not allowing this action when my sons were babies. I would have come unglued at that.

  2. Yes, that would be difficult. I have never seen a very friendly goldfish, but I do remember one friend who had an aquarium with fish that would come to the surface to get fed from her hand.

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