‘At the Cross’

I hadn’t heard this hymn before, but I was sure the kids at Fountainview Academy would sing it beautifully–At the Cross.

We used to have some lovely places like that, right around here.

We wait for the restoration of all things.

6 comments on “‘At the Cross’

  1. This is another old favorite from my younger years, performed beautifully, and the scenery looks like the place where I now live. There are even lovelier places than this. I constantly marvel over the beauty of God’s creation.

  2. Yes, my late husband who was in the navy and stationed there for a time said the same. He couldn’t wait to get away from there. What a shame.

    1. You wouldn’t believe how beautiful this part of New Jersey used to be. I can hardly believe it myself. Sometimes I wonder if I dreamed it.

  3. I’m sure it was just as beautiful as you remember. Many things have changed in this country over the years, and we really miss the older times.
    Here is a song suggestion: Carroll Roberson singing: I Drove the Nails

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