Putin, Russia Outlaw Fake News

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“Are you showing disrespect to me??”

As America’s politicians gnash their teeth for envy, Vladimir Putin’s compliant Russian legislature this month has outlawed “disrespect” and “fake news” (https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/articles/2019-03-19/putin-passes-law-punishing-fake-news-and-content-insulting-or-disrespectful-to-russia).

The Russian government–that is, Mr. Putin–will decide what is fake news. And if they bust you for it, you’ll face fines and/or a prison sentence.

As for “disrespect,” that’ll be punished pretty harshly, too. Just to keep people on their toes, they haven’t defined “disrespect” or declared which public figures are to be immune from it. Here in America, that would be all Democrats and their clients.

We are unable to confirm reports that the Democrat National Committee has sought Putin’s advice in drafting the party’s 2020 platform.


6 comments on “Putin, Russia Outlaw Fake News

  1. See, now the Russkies are stealing from us again — taking credit for doing everything Facebook, Twitter, Google, and CAIR have been doing all along. (Yes, a bit of grim humor here.)

    1. Oh, and I forgot to add WordPress to the list. Now I suppose my whole comment will be banned, if not your entire post. Sigh.

  2. Unless the punishment for violating Putin’s Law is death, I’d say the demoncrats have their own, similar, but more terminal agenda.

  3. The Big Data Tech companies are getting into banning fake news as well – fake is whatever they don’t like politically. As far as disrespect goes, the Dems’ Presidential candidates are doing a banged-up job of disrespecting each other.

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