My Newswithviews Column, March 21 (‘They’re Coming for Your Kids’)

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I will always hate it when adults put children in the front lines of their political battles. But of course liberals do that all the time.

Democrats want an end to our republic, and they mean to get it. Currently, Climbit Chainge is their ticket to ride. If something better comes along, they’ll drop Climate Change like a hot potato. But what could be better than the end of the world? Like, we’re all gonna die these horrible deaths unless we give government absolute power over every flamin’ nuance of our lives…

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5 responses to “My Newswithviews Column, March 21 (‘They’re Coming for Your Kids’)

  • unknowable2

    I think you’re dead on about the three part plan.

    • leeduigon

      It’s being done right under our noses.
      Nothing, but nothing, would be more beneficial to America than a mass exodus of children out of public education.

  • Erlene Talbott

    Absolutely scandalous, this use of young people. Even when I was in public school, the teaching was not ideal. I remember one of our “social studies” teachers who was trying to indoctrinate even way back then. I found that class so profoundly boring that I could hardly sit there. Some of the kids didn’t really “sit still” but found other things to occupy them. It is so much worse now, I feel like crying to think of the kids who are stuck in these “classes”.

    • leeduigon

      Astoundingly enough, if you go back some 120 years, you find a lot of opposition to the “educators'” wildest schemes coming from… the teachers’ unions! Oh, how times have changed!

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    The Pelosi types have already captured the high school kids – now they want their votes. At the University of Arizona two border guards were asked to speak. They were met with screaming brainwashed coeds yelling in their face that the border guards were murderers and members of the KKK. Good job professors, you have made your converts twice the devils as yourselves.

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