Is Freedom Our Natural State?

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In a word, no. In a fallen world populated by sinners, where you can win applause by rejecting God, freedom is a plant very easily shriveled.

The Romans frittered away their republic and wound up with an emperor.

The English beheaded King Charles and wound up with a Parliament that assigns sovereign power to itself and ignores the result of a supposedly binding referendum because it didn’t like the way the people voted.

The French beheaded their king and wound up with first a lot of little creeps who were beheading everybody, and then Napoleon.

The Chinese tossed out their emperor and wound up with warlords, Mao, and the mob of tyrants who succeeded him.

In the 20th century, tyranny bloomed like kudzu. It would take up too much space just to list the perpetrators. there were so many tyrants in that century, you could have had them in a boxed set of bubble-gum cards.

Our own country’s founders tried their level best to avoid these errors and create for us a republic ruled not by tyrants, but by laws that were the same for all. A terrible civil war rid us of the curse of slavery. But as the Bible teaches us, if we won’t serve the true God, the only author of our liberties, we will surely wind up serving false ones.

All over the world today, freedom is under attack. Even here, we have elitists, we have Democrats, who believe in, and try their damnedest to create, a government colossus to rule over virtually everything–for our own good, of course, and with themselves doing the ruling. And because our education establishment is fully committed to that course, it trains young Americans to be ignorant of civics, ignorant of history, ignorant of God’s word, terrified of Global Warming and a host of other made-up boogeymen, and receptive to the idea of unlimited government.

By Almighty God’s decree, all of this is doomed to fail. He will not yield His place to a lot of grubby little puffed-up bugs who went to Harvard.

But it would be good for us, good beyond words, if we would only just stop voting for them.


6 comments on “Is Freedom Our Natural State?

  1. Well said, Lee. You would think that after all the failures of past dictatorships, nobody in their right mind would ever vote for these…
    oops, “in their right minds” does not apply. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result= insanity.

    1. I’m getting very uneasy about all the crazy s*** coming out of the Democrat Party lately. It’s worse when I reflect on how abysmally ignorant kids are when it comes to civics and history–thank you, public schools. Really, they DO NOT KNOW that there are any limits on what the government can do. The libs are working overtime to brew up a poison for our country: to turn it into Venezuela. Which was once a prosperous country, until socialists turned it into a hell-hole.

      We are very much in danger.

  2. Yes, indeed we are in danger. Exactly what I think when I see or hear of the deplorable condition of Venezuela.

  3. “The Spirit of the Lord [a]God is upon me,
    Because the Lord has anointed me
    To bring good news to the [b]afflicted;
    He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
    To proclaim liberty to captives
    And [c]freedom to prisoners;”

    Liberty is God’s way.

  4. Vote for a Democrat? NEVER!!! Paranoid Politics may be ruling the day, but not for much longer. The Democrat Party is setting itself up for a landslide defeat (and of course God, Who predestinates all things that come to pass, is setting up the whole thing – don’t believe me? Read Psalm 37).

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