‘Yes, Someone Actually Said This’ (2014)

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I say the public needs to be reminded more often of what their “educators” think of them. You can sum it up in a few words: “Really stupid peasants who’ve made their children mentally ill.”


Thanks to the way they teach our children–trying to create, through indoctrination and carefully cultivated ignorance, “the international child of the future,” God help us–our children know no civics and are totally unaware that the law of our land, the Constitution, places limits on the power of the government. They are literally not aware that there are any limits.

And that’s how the “educators” want them.

Complete the sentence and win a tin foil hat: “I send my children to public school because __________.”

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7 responses to “‘Yes, Someone Actually Said This’ (2014)

  • marlene

    “I send my children to public school because” i’m a stupid democrat who wants my kids to be just like ME!


  • Re-Farmer

    I home schooled my kids. They are now adults who chose to move to my family farm with us, to help me take care of the property, and their disabled father. They sacrificed a lot to do this, and I am incredibly grateful for it.

    I’ve home schooled in 3 different provinces, and unfortunately, there are a lot of home schooling parents who are just as bad, if now worse, than the public school system when it comes to leftist indoctrination.

    There are two stereotypes about home schoolers. There’s the “Christian fundy” and the “aging hippy.” In my experience, while there are certainly plenty of home schoolers that are indeed Christian (still the majority religion), that tends not to be the primary reason they home school. Rather, they wanted their kids to have a real education, and get them away from harmful social institutions. They tend to be the quiet majority; you don’t see them a lot, and they tend not to be noticed – until the government tries to usurp their parental responsibilities. I’ve been part of that, and the government caved. Twice, in my home schooling years.

    Then there are the “aging hippy” types. They, unfortunately, are the most vocal and visible. They tend to control the home school support groups, which means they control what is allowed to be discussed. Many of them are home schooling because they feel the public school system is “too conservative.” !!! And this is in Canada!!!

    I feel more sorry for their kids than the ones in public school, to be honest. At least the ones in public school are more likely to be exposed to alternative viewpoints. Which is saying a lot!!


    • leeduigon

      Holy cow–Canadian schools too conservative! I can’t imagine that psychological landscape.

      Homeschooling is worthwhile because most of those who do it are Christians protecting their children from lies and stupidity. I think we have to accept the “aging hippy” crowd as unavoidable.

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  • unknowable2

    “Every child in America entering school at the age of five is mentally ill because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our Founding Fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It’s up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well–by creating the international child of the future.”

    That quote is chilling. I remember hearing about this, some time ago, but I don’t remember when. Truly frightening.


    • leeduigon

      Like I said: if he gave this speech today, at an NEA convention, they’d give him a standing ovation. Then they’d boo God.

      **Nothing, but nothing, has harmed America as much as our so-called public education system.**


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