Student Can’t Be in National Honor Society… Because He Supports the President

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Will school officials wind up getting stung for their actions?

A junior at Holmdel High School in New Jersey  was invited to the White House to hear President Donald Trump’s speech yesterday about restoring free speech in, ahem, “higher education,” where it is mostly banned, these days.

The president invited Boris Kizenko, 16, after learning that the junior was barred from the National Honor Society for a “character flaw”–his support of the president on the social media (

School officials–why do those words always set off the doofus alarm?–say pshaw, it never happened, we would like never keep a kid out of the National Honor Society just to punish him for his politics! We are at liberty to disbelieve them.

Boris says he’s tired of having to listen to the “regurgitated left-wing ideology” that’s offered every day at public schools.

The president, meanwhile, plans to stop all federal research grants to all colleges and universities where free speech only exists for left-wingers.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for an update on Boris Kizenko’s story. Will the school officials suddenly change their minds and let him into the National Honor Society?

Personal note: Holmdel was one of the towns I covered for The Bayshore Independent in the 1970s. I liked their high school football team, but the township’s politics were relatively quiet.

5 comments on “Student Can’t Be in National Honor Society… Because He Supports the President

  1. The left will dis honor just like they dis everything that isn’t liberal. They are too dishonorable to know the difference.

    1. Oh, for cryin’ out loud!
      Hellooooo, Queen Elizabeth! “Defender of the Faith”–ain’t that in your job description? Huh? Well, would you please start defending it?

  2. Boris needs to drop out of the public school system and be home-schooled. He will become mature faster and smarter faster. Why hike up the mountain carrying a heavy backpack when you can walk in freedom to pursue your own interests and hone your God-given gifts?

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