When Caterpillars Get Your Car


We have tent caterpillars in New Jersey, and they can be bad; but they are absolutely nothing, compared to the ermine moth caterpillars that took over the city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, in 2009.

Imagine going out to go to work one morning to find your car completely wrapped in sticky bug-silk with a couple million caterpillars crawling all over it, and millions more under the silken web. I think I’d just go back to bed.

They also wrapped full-grown trees top to bottom. I tell you, it was a bad year for caterpillars! I have no idea what they had to do, to get rid of them. Maybe they had to wait for winter and just pray they’d never have another year like that.

I wonder if anyone at the time thought of the first chapter of Joel: palmerworm, locust, cankerworm, and caterpillar. Or was this just another post-it note that went unread?

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  1. In Arkansas we get what are called bag worms in the trees. They look really gross but they don’t hurt anything, then are gone at the first frost. I never heard of bag worms threatening cars – that is creepy!

    1. Our bag worms make their “bags” out of pine needles and such. Ours are small, most people never notice them. But I always do.

  2. That’s insane. Obviously caused by heteronormativity, income equality, climbit change, Republicanism, Capitalism, and refusal to triple the salaries of schoolteachers. 🙂

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