‘When TV Personalities Spout Gibberish’ (2015)

Back in 2011 there were several incidents of TV personalities looking straight at the camera and spouting pure gibberish. By 2015, the cause of this was still unknown. Nor is it known today.

When TV Personalities Spout Gibberish

The most famous victim of this weird affliction was Judge Judy, who had to stop taping her show because nothing but nonsense was coming out of her mouth. They rushed her to the hospital, but doctors could find no cause for the symptom. Soon it just went away.

It also happened to several noozies in the United States and Canada, while they were live on the air. Was it a mini-stroke? Tests couldn’t confirm that.

Back in the 1950s, novelist Hal Goodwin, writing as “John G. Blaine,” suggested a means by which this could be done to someone on purpose.

My original video link doesn’t work anymore, so let me see if I can find another one for you. OK, got one: see the video, above.

This happened to half a dozen other reporters as they were on the air. I have not heard that it has happened since; nor have I heard any explanation of it, beyond the really scary one offered by Hal Goodwin.

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  1. I have seen this happen with ischemic stroke, but there may be other reasons. It is amazing when this happens to an apparently normal, healthy person in the middle of a normal conversation.

  2. Sorta sounds like Babel, to me.

    I don’t claim to know, but I know that in the past, God has used confusion against His enemies. The arrogant, Godless culture that seems to be gaining ascendency these days could be brought to ruin very easily by such a thing, no ray guns needed. I would not be so bold as to try to say that God is involved in these gibberish events, but it does have some interesting parallels to Babel and to events in the Bible where enemies were thrown into confusion. Maybe our God is giving His faithful a glimpse of His capabilities.

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