Hit British Cop Show: ‘Hate Squad!’

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Follow the adventures of Chief Superintendent Wally Bilge as he tries to bring Station House 404 to the cutting edge of contemporary law enforcement!

In the pilot episode, Murder, Schmurder!, Bilge has to pry his detectives away from another stupid murder investigation so they can investigate a 9-year-old boy who called another boy “gay” on the school playground. Meanwhile, four uniformed officers investigate a day care center where, allegedly, a 2-year-old balked at eating spicy foreign food with live crickets in it, thereby raising suspicions that the child might be a racist! And he has to twist veteran Chief Inspector Chumley’s arm to get him to hunt down a man who put a decal of an English flag on his car–“You’ll find the nasty little oyk hates immigrants!” predicts the superintendent.

Hate Squad! specializes in stories “torn from the headlines.” As Chief Wally Bilge so often says, “We can’t prevent murders, robberies, or terrorist incidents. We can’t even bloody solve most of ’em. But one thing we can do is go full-throttle after hate! No one should ever be allowed to say, publish, or think anything–and I do mean anything!–that’s any less than 100% affirming and welcoming.”

I can hardly wait to see Episode 2, We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Jail.

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6 responses to “Hit British Cop Show: ‘Hate Squad!’

  • marlene

    It’s those filled with hate who are always looking for victims. It’s the hate that trickles down from people in high places that turns their insanity into. law. And the order followers with their handcuffs, batons, and dead heads carry out their duties in the most hateful ways as well. Hate – embrace it. Or else. Intolerance also suffers the same insane mission.

  • Phoebe

    This satire is so close to reality that it can barely be called satire. England is just about finished.

    • leeduigon

      All the examples I used as “cases” have already appeared as nooze items on this blog.

      Queen Elizabeth, you let it happen on your watch.

      Where’s Richard III when you really need him?

  • unknowable2

    Everyone wants to be a victim today.

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    If I was really bold I would say I hate this post, but I can’t because it is so bloody hilarious. I heard a commercial on the radio where you can find out if your partner is cheating on you. For a price, they can attain all the texts your partner has been sending to see if they are cheating. Chief Superintendent Wally Bilge could use their service to find out who is hating.

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