Way Cool! A Real, Live Giant Squid

Mr. Nature here–with something almost never seen by human beings: a giant squid.

Well, maybe not the 40- or 50-footers that sometimes wash up, much the worse for wear, on stony shores; but big enough to wow the crowd of people who saw it in Toyama Bay in central Japan.

What was it doing in such shallow water, so close to land? Who volunteered to go down there with a camera and film it under water? (Jules Verne would have definitely advised him not to!) There isn’t much information to go along with the video.

I suspect this poor animal is sick, too weak to keep the tide from washing him inshore, too distressed to react to human beings. Healthy squid are extremely vigorous, with extremely healthy appetites. I do love calamari rings, but there’s a limit to how much risk I’d take, to get them.

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  1. That’s amazing. Maybe this is another example of nature revealing secrets that have heretofore been hidden from humans. I read a book once about a change in the animal kingdom that accompanied a change in spiritual condition. I think the book was called Bell Mountain. 🙂

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