‘Piffle Alert: “The Lunar Temple”‘ (2017)

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Do they really have to be such horses’ asses?

Just two years ago, the European Space Agency was babbling about how, when they go to the moon (C’mon, I’d just love to see you find the money for that!), they’re gonna leave bad ol’ “religion” behind and once they’re up there on the moon, they’re gonna build a “temple of contemplation” that won’t have no stinkin’ religion, blah-blah-blah…


That’s okay, though–they can worship the State and Science!

It’s people like this that give fat-heads a bad name.

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3 responses to “‘Piffle Alert: “The Lunar Temple”‘ (2017)

  • Phoebe

    I’m reminded of Chesterton’s comment that “if Smith shall worship the god within, it usually means that Smith shall worship Smith.”

    And “without social conventions,” it’s going to be pretty hard to keep the people up there from robbing, raping, and killing each other. But then again, without social conventions, they wouldn’t even be able to construct their temple. Or a means of breathing. Oh well. As we used to joke when people asked us why we’d joined the Air Force, “It was New Year’s Eve and it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

  • unknowable2

    They are all looking for paradise, but they refuse to acknowledge the only possible source of paradise.

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