‘Common Core: 5 + 5+ 5 Does NOT = 15’ (2015)

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Hey! Let’s have the federal government micromanage every public school classroom in America!

The result of that brainstorm was “Common Core,” and suddenly 5 + 5+ 5 doesn’t equal 15.

Common Core: 5+5+5 Does NOT=15

Common Core soon wore out its welcome and, one by one, states have been repealing it. You don’t hear much about it anymore.

But don’t be fooled. Mostly what they did was change the names and plug in a few rewrites. Public school still sucks.

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  1. One thing common to Leftist schemes is contempt for our fellow human. If these people really think they’re helping students with this drivel, they must think that the average student is not all that bright. Well, once the schools get through with them, many of them aren’t that bright.

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