Book Review: ‘Reindeer Don’t Fly’

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Michael Earl Riemer’s critique of “evolutionism”–as a false religion, a comedy, and a pseuo-science–is by no means gentle. Reindeer Don’t Fly (2018) really lays it on the line.

Evolution fairy tales have become part of our culture. More people question them now than used to, which means the good guys are scoring some points. But we still have a very long way to go before the spell is broken.

Riemer’s favorite tool is mockery. His targets have set themselves up as The Smartest People In The World, and their balloon needs popping. Leftids proclaim themselves to be wise and then get oodles of mileage out of it. Their prestige props up their foolish and often wicked notions, hiding the fact that they’re notions at all. So they need taking down a peg, and Mr. Riemer is more than happy to do it.

If you’d like some answers–well, actually a lot of answers–to the question, “So what’s wrong with evolution?”, this book will serve you well.

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  1. There are a lot of good writers on this subject, but this is one I have not read yet. I probably will. One of my real concerns has been for years, the teaching of this junk to young people. I have done what I could to inform those in the church about the need to teach the kids about the truth against what the schools are trying to cram down their throats.

  2. The theory of evolution is based on the Earth being millions and millions of years old (as an aside: Think of how distant that makes one feels about the closeness of God). Creation scientist Bruce Malone says out of the 10 systems scientists use to predict the age of rocks and fossils, 8 of them confirm a young Earth. Evolution is so stupid – take a molecule of hydrogen and wait long enough and it becomes a human being.

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