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Book Review: ‘Reindeer Don’t Fly’

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Michael Earl Riemer’s critique of “evolutionism”–as a false religion, a comedy, and a pseuo-science–is by no means gentle. Reindeer Don’t Fly (2018) really lays it on the line.


Evolution fairy tales have become part of our culture. More people question them now than used to, which means the good guys are scoring some points. But we still have a very long way to go before the spell is broken.

Riemer’s favorite tool is mockery. His targets have set themselves up as The Smartest People In The World, and their balloon needs popping. Leftids proclaim themselves to be wise and then get oodles of mileage out of it. Their prestige props up their foolish and often wicked notions, hiding the fact that they’re notions at all. So they need taking down a peg, and Mr. Riemer is more than happy to do it.

If you’d like some answers–well, actually a lot of answers–to the question, “So what’s wrong with evolution?”, this book will serve you well.

How Did Civilization Start?

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Gobekli Tepe, “Potbelly Hill”

We’ve been talking a lot, lately, about how our civilization might suddenly and shockingly collapse–like, if the people don’t obey all the commands of the government–but I think a more interesting question is how civilization ever came to be.

Supposedly we were mere hunter-gatherers for untold thousands of years. Okay. Then how did we come to invent civilization? If it’s “wired in,” why did it take so long? And if it’s not, why did it ever get started at all?

“Potbelly Hill,” in Turkey, shocked scientists with its great age, apparently some ten thousand years old, if not more. Monumental sculpture, well-constructed stone walls–all before the appropriate tools, supposedly, were invented. And then the people who used it… buried it, which preserved it from the elements and allowed us to dig it up again. We don’t know who they were, why they built it, how they built it, or why they buried it.

There are other sites almost as old–Jericho, Catal Huyuk, just to name two–where it seems civilization was well on its way to emerging from a primitive culture. We are badly hampered by a lack of inscriptions at those sites. Not that we could read them, if we had them.

The Bible teaches us that God twice overthrew civilization in our world: once by Noah’s Flood, and again by confounding their language when men tried to build a great tower reaching up to heaven. Reputable Bible Scholars Inc. tell us these are only fables, none of it ever really happened. Like they know.

But what if sites like Potbelly Hill, Jericho, and Catal Huyuk, and baffling remnants like the Dispilio Tablet and the Vinca Alphabet–both of them way too old to be writing, but there they are–what if these are not evidence of civilization emerging, but of civilization re-emerging from first destruction, then confusion? What if these are evidence of people trying to claw their way back to a way of life known to their ancestors but imperfectly remembered?

If our own civilization were utterly destroyed, how long would it take the survivors and their descendants to rebuild? How much knowledge and know-how, in the meantime, would be lost to them? And very much would depend on who survived: it isn’t everybody who knows how things work, or can explain it to others. And as the centuries roll on, so much of what people used to know gets lost. How much got lost without leaving a trace of it for us to study?

The earth is the Lord’s, and we are made in His image. We have the capacity to create a civilization. Scripture tells us we abused it and were punished for that.

As we discover older and older evidence of nameless, forgotten, extinct civilizations, is it wise to write off the Bible? Because it stores information that we, with our limited knowledge of the past, refuse to recognize as information?

Someday God will say to us, “I told you, but you wouldn’t listen.”

‘Another Vanished Civilization’ (2015)

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Here’s yet another ancient civilization that has so thoroughly passed into oblivion as to leave behind not one name of a single person who was part of it–the Norte Chico civilization on the coast of Peru. Older than the hills.


Okay, successor civilizations were still using the quipu record-keeping system invented by the Norte Chico people five or six thousand years earlier. But what did these people call themselves? Who were their kings, their gods, their heroes? Not a trace of them remains.

Think that could happen to our global humanist stupid civilization?

Oh, I do.

Non-Debating Noah’s Flood

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S.J. Thomason on her “Christian Apologist” website does yoeman work defending the Christian faith, and today she takes on “Street Epistemology” (https://christian-apologist.com/2018/06/26/ways-for-christians-to-respond-to-boghassion-style-street-epistemology/). This is about how to answer those who challenge the Bible because they (in my view) have nothing constructive to do with their lives. S.J. has a lot more patience than I do.

An example she uses is when an atheist challenges the justice and goodness of God by asking something like “What about all those people who drowned in the Flood?” We also regularly encounter “What about the Canaanites” and “What about the Midianites,” etc., who were wiped out by the children of Israel. The implication is always “God can’t possibly be good if he kills off so many people.”

It’s a waste of time, I think, trying to debate the Flood with someone who doesn’t believe the Flood ever happened (and therefor no one drowned in it!): who, in fact, considers the whole Bible a work of fiction. He would better employ his outrage on behalf of, say, the 40 million people killed by Mao Tse-tung in the Great Leap Forward. That happened in my own lifetime, with the whole world watching.

Anyhow, way to go, Ms. Thomason. You won’t convince those people with whom you’re debating–but you never know who else might be listening. Your work may be bearing fruit that you aren’t in a position to see.

‘I Stand Rebuked’ (2016)

So here it is, past 11:00, only my body knows it’s really only just past 10 and I’m only running late, and can’t catch up, because of stupid Daylight Savings Time–fap!

Be that as it may, here’s what can happen to you when you write a somewhat less than enthusiastic book review.


A Lost City… in Australia?

Image result for images of lost city of uluru australia

One of the things that fascinates me is the origin of civilization. If it’s wired into us as human beings, why does it seem to have taken so very long to appear in human history? And if it’s not wired in, why did it appear at all?

The Bible makes it clear that civilization started not long after Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden. God destroyed it in Noah’s Flood, and later scattered it to prevent the completion of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 6, Genesis 11). But if you reject the Bible and turn to what we are pleased to call science, then you’re stuck with no explanation at all.

Alone among the inhabited continents, Australia shows no sign of ever having developed its own indigenous civilization. How could that be? After all, there were people in Australia for thousands of years. Why no civilization? The closest thing to a lost Australian civilization was H.P. Lovecraft’s story, The Shadow Out of Time. And that civilization wasn’t even human!

So imagine my excitement when I read of a lost city discovered by satellite photography and radar at Uluru, a site in the middle of the Australian desert. Wow, this place had everything! Buildings, tombs, artifacts, skeletons–the whole ball of wax.

And then imagine my disappointment when I read that the Lost City of Uluru was only a hoax ( http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/centralian-advocate/ulurus-1500yearold-lost-city-a-fake/news-story/495f559bd7d1f7d520c6a1194091f5cc?nk=6a45170abbab194a2f952edbb50c2eba-1490462789 ).

This takes us back to where we started from, with no native civilization springing up in Australia. Why not?

As yet we have no answer to that question.

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