Some Kinda Stupid

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Hmm, let’s see… In a case of some homicidal maniac barging into a school and shooting everybody, which do you suppose would be the more effective policy–to have some of the teachers armed, so they could maybe plug the bad guy before he can rack up his full tally of victims… or to give teachers another pay raise?

Sen. Kamala Harris, one of the Democrat Gang of 20 who think they should be president, sez “We need to give teachers a raise–not guns” (

What? As in “You can’t shoot me–I make too much money”?

In many communities, public school teachers already make multiples of what the defenseless taxpayers make. A few more multiples will make them safer? How? Well, I guess if you can retire at 35 instead of 55 and go on a world cruise, you ought to be pretty safe from school shooters.

It’s not funny that America is always one election away from self-destruction, anymore. Obama wounded us; Hillary would have surely finished us. For as long as the Democrat Party breeds nothing but Far Left Crazy, it constitutes an existential threat to our country.

But it’s great for teachers’ unions!

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  1. Well, giving teachers guns for self-defense won’t increase the funds pouring into teachers’ unions’ coffers the way giving teachers more money for union dues will do.

    For the unions, and for the politicians to whom the unions donate large amounts of money, the proposal DOES make sense.

  2. In Arkansas it is up to each school to set its own security protocols. In Fort Smith armed security patrol the schools. Last week on Wednesday I was at one of the Jr. High’s and cops raided the place because of a rumor a gun had been brought to school. The the next day I was at another Jr. High and the same thing happened (cops went through every locker in the place). Both cases the rumor was false. It all starts on social media and gets out of hand. Parents were pulling kids out of my class all day long because of the rumors. This is the first time this has happened when I have subbed.

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