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‘Celebrity Grievances: Melissa Perry on “Ontological Blackness”‘ (2016)

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Here she is with her tampon earrings. The words “ontological stupid-ness” spring to mind.

If for nothing else, our current era will be noted for the rise of wealthy, famous, powerful, pampered celebrity drips whining and bellyaching about how oppressed they are. Here’s one that doesn’t play football.


I wonder if she sits in her limo and wails and gnashes her teeth.

Meanwhile, they’re having a special on Ontological Blackness at your nearest Totally Meaningless B.S. store.

Taxpayer-Funded Abortions for… Men?

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If this is the best we can do by way of presidential candidates, we might as well shift over to a lottery to decide who holds public office.

In one of this week’s Democrat gabfasts, one Julian Castro, who was actually in the fatzing government, as President *Batteries Not Included’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, told the nation he’s all for “reproductive justice” which would include taxpayer-funded abortions for men. All right, what he said was “trans women.” But “trans women” are men. They are not women, no matter what certain wicked and/or deluded schmendricks claim.

He’s so pumped up for abortions, he wants to give them to men.

There’s no injustice like Social Justice!

Should there at least be some kind of sanity test you have to pass before you get to run for president? Or would that just narrow the field too drastically?

A Silly Old Ass

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We got a communication yesterday, unsolicited, from an alleged adult who says he’s “sick of rich old white men” running for president. We must note that he himself is a rich old white man.

Is it possible there are registered voters out there who really, truly think that skin color, sex, and age are important things to be considered, in choosing a president? I mean, does this guy even understand what a president is, and does? That “president” is a job–and that to do it well benefits the whole world, but to do it poorly can bring to large numbers of people hardship, frustration, loss, and even wounds and death.

As for being “rich,” let’s see… hmm… when was the last time an indigent was elected to high public office in America? [Riffles through history] Ooh-ooh–never! No poor homeless person has ever been elected to anything!

What we are hearing from, here, is a silly old ass who seems to think being “a woman of color” or something, or at least young and poverty-stricken, would by some weird alchemy make you a good president. It is a shame that he can vote. It can’t be a good thing to let utter chowderheads vote.

Heaven help us, if they ever again get to choose a president.

‘U.N. Tomfools at It Again’ (2016)

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You know you’ve got to retreat in a hurry, as soon as you run into a bunch of  United Nations nincompoops calling themselves “The Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent.”


Yes, these fat-heads say Americans ought to be forced to pay “reparations” for slavery, which ended here over 150 years ago, to persons who were never slaves–paid by, in many cases, people who never owned slaves and whose ancestors came to America after the Civil War.

It’s bad enough we have our home-grown Democrats promoting this unjust and stupid fantasy. But for Citizens Of The World to be doing it on our dime is intolerable.

It would be a very good thing for the United States to drop out of the United Nations now–and kick them out of New York while we’re at it.

Snopes Gets Snoped by Satire Site

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“It’s free–right?”

They were quick to fact-check this question: Did Far Left Crazy Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Another Galaxy) repeatedly guess “Free!” as a contestant on “The Price Is Right”? (https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/04/16/snopes-fact-checks-christian-satire-website-babylon-bee-again/)

This amusing tidbit was cooked up by the Babylon Bee, a Christian website well-known for its clever satires. They imagined O’Crazy-O as a contestant on the popular game show: no matter what the item in question–luggage, luxury cruise, jewelry, whatever–she blurted out “Free!” When asked by MC Drew Carey if she understood the rules of the game, she parried, “Don’t hate me ’cause you ain’t me.”

Despite the fact that this was obviously a satire, on a site famous for its satire, the august leftid “fact-check” maven Snopes rushed in to discover–gasp!–that the story wasn’t true. Who would’ve thought it?

After the Snopes finding that this here event, it, like, never happened, Facebook threatened Babylon Bee with censorship if they pulled any more stunts like this. Uh… How are you supposed to do satire if you don’t do stunts like this? Or are they going to decide you can only satirize Republicans?

I thought we had an absolute right to diss our puffed-up rulers every chance we get. Without getting “investigated” by Snopes. And when, by the way, was the last time Snopes “investigated” anyone saying “Trump is a fascist”?

I mean, really–if you can’t make fun of AOC, why even bother?

‘Why I am a Liberal’ (Oh, Boy!)

Today I bit the bullet and tried to read a piece from the Bolshevik rag, The Nation, entitled “Why I am a Liberal.” After all, said the teaser, liberals have always led the struggle for freedom and liberty everywhere in the world. But then they wanted me to disable my ad blocker before I could read the whole thing, and it just didn’t seem worth doing.

Besides, I’ve already heard a number of answers to this perplexing question.

“I am a liberal because I don’t have the common sense that God gave an inchworm.”

“I am a liberal because I think all that stuff they’re doing in Venezuela is really, really cool and I want to see them do it here!”

“I am a liberal because my parents didn’t love me.”

“I am a liberal because a whole lot of smart people are liberals and I want to be like them.”

“I am a liberal because I want free stuff from the government.”

“I am a liberal because people who aren’t liberals are, like, totally stupid and we need a very big government to control them.”

“I am a liberal because Mayor De Blasio or somebody said we need the government to order our view of reality. Or something like that.”

“I am a liberal because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is and I think she’s really hot.”

“I am a liberal because we need for people to be sorted into identity groups and ranked according to their respective degrees of victimhood. And I hope that sounded smart!”

“I am a liberal because all my professors in college told me I’d better be or I wouldn’t get good grades.”

“I am a liberal because I want to run the country and tell everybody what they can or can’t say, think, and do.”

As you can see, there are many compelling reasons to be a liberal–the list could go on til Doomsday, if I let it. I said “compelling,” not “good.” There’s just no accounting for what compels people.

‘Pay What You Want’ Goes Belly-Up

What if you opened a restaurant where customers could order anything on the menu and then pay whatever they pleased for it? “Thank you for that delicious broiled seafood platter, my good woman! Here is a nickel. Don’t spend it all in one place!”

Well, Panera Bread tried that in its chain of restaurants–“Take what you need, leave your fair share” was the slogan–and for some mystifying reason, is going out of business. As of tomorrow, no more Panera restaurants (https://pjmedia.com/trending/panera-breads-socialist-pay-what-you-want-experiment-fails-miserably/).

How come all these socialist experiments fail so miserably? Like, they don’t even work when you have guys with guns standing over everybody and threatening to kill you if you don’t obey.

There is a difference between charity and stupidity. Socialists don’t know the difference. One reader, commenting, called the whole business a “virtue-signalling stunt.” Hit that nail right on the head.

Many restaurants donate leftover food to various charities. More would do it, if the government didn’t interfere: they like to control everything, you see.

But who are you helping when you freakin’ go out of business? Certainly not your suddenly-jobless employees. Certainly not any poor people who show up at your boarded-up windows.

Here is something that SJWs and other nincompoops don’t know and can’t understand. You have to make a certain level of profit, or else your business simply won’t survive. If they were in the real world, they would see that in action every day.

If you want to give a lot of money to charity, you have to have a lot of money. Yeah, but! In socialism it’s other people’s money that you give away! Go stand in front of a Panera restaurant tomorrow, sunshine. It’ll teach you a lesson in socialism.

‘The Three Chambers of Government’?

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So, what do you have to know to be a member of the House of Representatives?


Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) proved that the other day when she said Democrats–by which she means socialists like herself–have to “take back all three chambers of  Congress–uh, rather, all three chambers of government: the presidency, the Senate, and the House” (https://www.dailywire.com/news/38491/watch-ocasio-cortez-has-no-idea-what-3-branches-ryan-saavedra).

The golden gal of “Democratic Socialism”–wait a minute, that doesn’t fly: better call it “Justice Democrats” instead–does not know what are the three branches of government. For those educated in public schools, that would be legislative (Congress), executive (the president), and judicial (the Supreme Court).

There ought to be a law against what leftids do to words. When they start talking about “justice,” watch out. It means they want to grab the money you earned and give it to their voter base, minus the big chunks of it that stick to their fingers.

If you voted for any Democrat, anywhere–shame on you.

This Just In!

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Scientists at Fanabla University have discovered “significant decrease in brain volume” in persons who are politically liberal.

“We are most grievously dismayed to discover this,” said Dr. Haffa Baggon, director of the research team, “but this is now the settled science, so there’s nothing that can be done about it.”

As the brain shrinks, he explains, the interior of the cranium fills up with “this disgusting fatty tissue” completely surrounding the brain.

The average adult liberal male, the research team found, “has a brain no bigger than a freakin’ orange,” said a team member who did not wish to be identified. “The all-time small brain champion,” he added, was a Gender Studies professor whose brain was the size of a walnut.

The researchers, according to a reliable source, are currently preparing to flee to another continent.

‘How to Make Libs Think You’re Smart’ (2013)

Image result for images of fools

Near as I can tell, this is still good advice, thoroughly applicable to 2018.


The only change I’d make would be to add, “I never had a problem with my acne [or shingles, or body odor, bad breath, or whatever] until the Russians made that bum Trump our president!”

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