Welcome to Inchworm Rodeo

As promised, here’s my coverage of the 77th annual Inchworm Rodeo.

The video shows the floor exercise performed by the gold medal winner, Howdy, owned and trained by The Living Legend of Inchworm Rodeo, Mr. V.J. Sunderbhai of Febrile, Vermont. Also known as “The Inchworm Whisperer,” Mr. Sunderbhai’s worms have won more gold medals than everybody else’s put together. Incredibly, his inchworm filly, Pocahontas, took a silver medal in Dangling From a Strand of Silk, and two of his worms won medals in Cocoon Spinning.

We need not dwell upon the calamity that occurred at last year’s Inchworm Rodeo, and momentarily threatened the continued existence of the entire Inchworm Rodeo industry. Shrewd planning averted the kind of disaster that overwhelmed the city of Popgun Ridge. The less said about that horror, the better.

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  1. I remember seeing quite a few of these critters when I was a kid. My favorite, though, were the lightening bugs (don’t know the real name, we just called them lightening bugs, and we saw lots of them in the evening in the yard.

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