Noozies’ Lament: ‘They Hate Us!’

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According to the Euro-drips at Reporters Without Borders–I think I’d rather keep my borders, thank you–people all over the world, whipped up by “populist and authoritarian leaders,” increasingly hate journalists ( And it’s really bad right here in the USA, and it’s Donald Trump’s fault, and… and… [hyperventilates, has to be carried off in a stretcher].

Now why in the world would Americans ever hate “journalists”? Could it possibly have anything at all to do with the whole Big Media diving headfirst into every fake news story that comes along, and pounding us over the head with it by the hour until–one might almost say “inevitably”–it turns out the story was completely and utterly false?

Y’know–like the “Trump colluded with The Russians” story. But you can name as many of those fake news extravaganzas as I can. And it’s not even an election year. Imagine the stuff they’ll come up with in 2020. “Bigfoot in MAGA hat strangles defenseless Woman Of Color! Melania Trump runs a rape ring! Trump murdered his babysitter when he was only 6 months old!” All nooze, all the time.

Could it have anything to do with “journalists,” almost bloody unanimously, pushing a collectivist ideology that normal people find revolting, and mocking and vilifying anyone who dares to question it? Go ahead–say one discouraging word about “gender fluid,” and see how the noozies treat you.

Could it be because they, in their smug convictions of superiority, treat us with disdain and contempt, despise everything that we hold sacred, and are never too bashful to say how much they hate us?

Could it be because, you name it, they’re always on the other side, always siding against us with the bad guys? Because they have voluntarily sold themselves as slaves and shills for the Democrat Party?

Hey, journalists! Go Gussie Smollett yourselves!

16 comments on “Noozies’ Lament: ‘They Hate Us!’

  1. The media has become a fifth column. They are no longer interested in just covering the news, there more interesting in shaping public opinions.

  2. Yes to all questions. We hate them because they’re no longer journalists. They’re parrots who spew the same words given to them by the AP clearing house. But we love Julian Assange, our hero. He never published a lie.
    (Even Bradley Manning, despite his gender confusion, did an admirable thing by refusing to testify against Assange, and was thrown back in jail for it – just before the UK took Assange.) Fake news is hate news – there’s no way to love it.

  3. Starve ‘em out! They are paid by number of people that watch their shows, visit their websites or buy their newspapers. When the public quits supporting them, they will be silenced.

    1. The closest I’ve ever come to being physically assaulted in my adult life was when I asked a middle aged woman of the “investigative journalist” she was crowing about was in it for the money and not purely an altruist. I truly thought she was going to hit me for even suggesting that this journalist might be breaking her sensational stories during sweeps week so she could boost her ad revenues.

    2. Wow. Interesting but scary encounter. This makes we wish our Founders included in their purpose for our right to keep and bear arms its use for our protection against the tyrants of liberal journalism. I wonder how you got away from her.

    3. She never actually struck me, but she seemed to be considering it. What I saw in this was that her belief system was in this reporter and I had attacker her god, by calmly asking a problem is that so,e of these people are looking for a human savior.

    4. Yes, I understood she didn’t actually strike you – this time. And your assessment of her is spot on.

    5. PS: So you’re a night owl too. I find with less traffic the internet seems faster. That’s my excuse – lol.

    6. You folks out West have really fiddled with the time. I don’t know how you can keep track of it–thinking it’s 8:00 when it’s really 11.

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