Cats and Technology

Be fair: what is a cat supposed to make of this exceedingly strange creature that looks and smells like an inanimate object, and then suddenly makes a funny noise and reaches out with some weird, flat appendage?

They have to protect themselves, their homes, and their stupid helpless humans from these alien beings.

8 comments on “Cats and Technology

  1. Our mechanization hasn’t always fit in too well with the animal world. They are just not equipped for some of these gadgets. I’m not even sure that humans are truly equipped for all this high-tech stuff.

      1. Thanks for asking. I sent an update about the blueberry test & vet info. Pehaps it was lost in the mix. He is fine and stubborn, eating his smoothies – usually 2 full syringes. He stops when he’s full & eats from them 3 to 4 times daily now (thinking warm days are amping up his appetite). Syringes sit next to the smoothie in the fridge after each meal. His behavior is healthy & happy 🙂 Hope all is well with you.

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