Now the Colleges Hate White Women, Too

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Do we have to shout it from the housetops? “College” has become toxic, an active virus infecting our society, and it must have no more of public funds. Cut it back! Cut it way, way back!

Having amassed a great reservoir of hatred and contempt for white men who are not homosexuals, “higher education” is now spewing its vitriol at white women.

Profs and other idiots are flocking to a symposium in Toronto to hear a paper by a… student… entitled, “Love in the Time of Beckyism: On Willfulness and Wokeness–” what? wokeness?–“in Teacher Education” (

What the devil is “Beckyism”? Well, “Becky” is a new term coined by, ahem, educators to show their disdain for young white women–same thing as calling a black person “Sambo.”

Let me quote at length from the symposium’s organizers.

“In the tradition of speculative fiction, parable, and counterstorytelling [?] within critical race theory [?], this session aims to problematize [?] the characterization of ‘Becky,’ a term specific to white women who engage in whiteness [?], often in gendered ways [?]… This characterization is relevant to education by critically examining who is Becky and how she is characterized, her positionality [?] in education, and how the hope for diversity, inclusion, equity, and racial justice [?] within the P-20 educational pipeline [whatever that is] is impacted by Becky” (who, we are told, “enacts oppression”)…”

Is this even English? Is this how sane people talk?

More: “Explorations of Becky and implications of educational practice from a variety of perspectives and contexts will illuminate the dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression tied to the gendered and raced mechanisms of whiteness [?] enacted by Becky.”

Can you feel the love?

And, “This paper establishes how white women are not seeking to disinvest from whiteness,” blah-blah-blah. Gonna need two Drivel Bingo cards for this one.

This is being done on your dime, America. These are your colleges and universities, that you pay for, expressing the most profound contempt for you and everything you value–and teaching your children to do the same.

That’s your tuition money, and your taxes. Those are your daughters, whom they despise as “Becky.” It really ought to make you mad.

It is a sin to raise up strife among people who would otherwise be at peace with one another. But this is what our colleges are doing–every day, everywhere. A self-respecting people would put a stop to it.

Now. Stop it now.

11 comments on “Now the Colleges Hate White Women, Too

  1. It may be a sin “to raise up strife among people who would otherwise be at peace with one another” but it’s exactly why the globalists’ agenda is to keep us divided by just about everything we are to control, and incite, us more easily (as i’m sure you already know). PS: You told me to “purge” my plethora of emails. Well, I’ve started unsubscribing from so-called “conservative” sites that post what our enemies are saying without relief & without an opinion or conclusion or even a challenge to what they’ve said. I decided I can’t read anymore about what the other side is saying. I want to know what the good guys are doing. But I will NEVER leave this site or a handful of other writers because of your and their opinions, conclusions & helpful advice. You guys do not feed us pablum then leave us hanging. In other words, I’ve purged the weak sites.

    1. There are a lot of “conservatives” out there who seem to have no interest in conserving anything of value. I think they just want to sign people up for cruises or something.

    2. LOL. Some ‘conservatives’ sound just like socialists. Must be the RINO in them – or is it the walrus…

  2. What will they do when they run out of people to demonize? Eventually there will be only one non-evil category left, with only one person in it — maybe a nonbinary, differently-abled transperson of color with non-European surname and size 9 shoes (narrow width). Then what?

    1. What I can’t figure out is why we let them do this–why we even pay them huge sums of money to do it. Are we mad?

  3. Toronto? Isn’t Canada mostly white? It looks like suicide is the latest trend in Canada. Let’s all cease being white people and the world will be a better place. Better yet, “Let’s all cease being nincompoops and deal with facts and reality.”

    1. That would put a lot of politicians and academics out of work. Have you no regard for the economy, sir? 🙂 🙂

  4. College is not a liberal scam. So long as you need a dentist, a doctor, an accountant, or a lawyer (which is likely with imagined libel suits heading your way) then you will need college. College graduates with computer science degrees build the digital infrastructure through which you consume your Breibart News, Fox News, Drudge Report, and InfoWars. Liberal Arts graduates are they who fill these digital infrastructures with materials in which you dolefully wallow. Conservatives benefit from, admire, and require college too. If college is too liberal for you then we all know how far from center you really are.

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