‘Wassamattawit U. to Open Divinity School’

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They might want to spruce it up a little first

Something tells me I’d better introduce this as satire–only because it’s getting harder and harder to tell satire apart from reality.

Wassamattawit U. to Open Divinity School

Are there really Reputable Bible Scholars who don’t believe a single word in the Bible is true? And while we’re at it, is Hillary Clinton a crook? Is birthday cake fattening?

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  1. It is astounding, the degree to which some of these religious leaders and teachers reject the bible. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, persons chasing the words of some man-written article over those of the inspired word of God. Once that door is opened, it is no longer a study of scripture, but a study of opinions.

    1. I’ve subscribed to Biblical Archaeology Review for decades now. And I’ve almost never seen a Reputable Bible Scholar who believed a word of it. Their object of worship can be found whenever they look at a mirror.

  2. As a newly ‘reborn’ Christian I attended Passover seder at a synagogue where the speaker was a Jewish man who told us he used to be a christian preacher but became a rabbi. He obviously did not believe the New Testament. I became distressed thinking he was going to hell. But then, maybe not. God knows how angry and confused he is and maybe on his death bed he’ll pray for forgiveness? I can understand a rabbi becoming a christian but I just can’t get my head, or heart, around a christian becoming a rabbi. To become a rabbi is to obey God’s laws (even though it’s as he sees them). To become a Christian requires a leap of faith wherein Jesus catches you so you don’t fall. This Jewish to Christian to Rabbi didn’t fall, he failed.

    1. I have a cousin that did, but has since become disillusioned with the Jewish faith and left it behind.

      There seems to be a bit of a change among Jewish people. There are Messianic Jews, whom accept Jeshua (Jesus) as moshiach (messiah). I’m certainly not backing away from my belief in the Christ and I don’t see any reason to practice the Law of Moses, because Jesus fulfilled and released us from any obligation towards that law.

      Some of the earliest Christians continued to practice at least some of the Law, there are indications that Paul did, but as I understand it, this was not done under a sense of obligation but because he was careful not to offend the conscience of Jewish people interested in following Christ. The very first Christians were all of Jewish origin.

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