Sanders: Let Jailbirds Vote from Prison!

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Are you thinking of sitting out the 2020 presidential election, or quixotically voting for some third-party candidate who has literally zero chance of winning?


The latest Far Left Crazy offering from the Democrat Party, trotted out by socialist Bernie Sanders at a CNN “town hall” this week, is a scheme to let incarcerated felons vote–from prison ( Even the Boston Marathon bomber, he said.

Heck, just cause you’ve made war on society–say, by committing murder, armed robbery, rape, fraud, whatever–shouldn’t mean you don’t get to have a say in who governs that society. Voting, says this Democrat, is an “inherent American right” which apparently you never lose. The Democrat Party has a long history of racking up the votes of dead people, or even people who’ve never existed. And you know they see to it that illegal aliens vote, too.

Asked if she agreed with Bernie’s idea, another Democrat presidential wannabe, Kamala Harris, answered as she always does, “I think we should have a conversation” about that.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are currently more than 2 million adults in America sitting in prison for assorted serious crimes. Why, that’s 2 million votes! Votes to be courted. Votes to be wooed. Votes to be won!

“If you elect me president, I’ll make sure that armed robbery is downgraded to a misdemeanor with no prison time at all…” Go ahead–explain how this is anything but crazy.

The Democrat Party, lawless and irrational, has become an existential threat to the survival of our country as a free republic. We will not be safe until it is put out of business. Permanently.

11 comments on “Sanders: Let Jailbirds Vote from Prison!

  1. I’m sure republican American citizens, especially those living in sanctuary cities, won’t appreciate having their votes cancelled out, by these felons. Now we have the democratic base: felons, anti-gunners, climate change morons, and illegal invaders. However, i’m hopeful President Trump, with a hopefully brand new congress, will be able to increase our base to such a extent that after he serves his second term, the democrats (who think that even if they don’t win 2024 they’ll surely win 2028) will lose again. Hope springs eternal (when you have nothing else).

    1. I still fear there are an awful lot of people who don’t realize, or simply don’t know, how perverted the Democrat Party has become. They need to learn this in a hurry.

    2. You bet they do!! I’m spreading it as much and as far as I can. In fact, having just come out of another Facebook ban, I no longer give my own opinion but merely cite a good line from the article, in quotes of course. Locally, I attend political events and rallies, but living in a democratically-controlled city as a republican means I’m prevented from speaking. I send info to my representatives but only the one republican ever responds, but he sounds more like a RINO. Where else can I go??

    3. I could pay the $2,000 fee and get re-certified as a teacher but wouldn’t be able to hide my right side ideology long enough to avoid getting fired. In fact, I doubt very much, if they check my social media, if they’d even hire me. Even as a substitute. I have a few teacher friends who would love me to speak to their class, and in the past, I did. But the rules have changed and teachers no longer have a say.

  2. There’s one large prison in Louisiana that has more inmates than the population of the town it is located in. Under Bernie’s presidency, these criminals would determine who became mayor, police chief, city council member, etc.- which is insane. No wonder President Trump calls him “Crazy Bernie.”

    1. One could almost wish to see that happen–almost, but not quite.
      Think the felons might get some of the laws changed?

  3. Insanity is in full swing now, and every day, it gets worse, wider, deeper
    and I am wondering if some of these mentally ill persons are those who
    have become addicted to opioids.

  4. Yes, you are correct. They have come unhinged by allowing no common sense to deter them from their desire for total control.

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