Hillary’s Hubris


(Photoshopped 16 ways from Sunday)

No sooner had the rogue FBI raided President Donald Trump’s home–seeking evidence of “potential (!) mishandling of classified documents”–than Hillary Clinton, two-time loser in the presidential sweepstakes, came out of the woodwork with $32 caps that read “But Her Emails.”

That refers to the thousands of classified documents she mishandled–and later destroyed–while she was secretary of state for *Batteries Not Included. She had confidential, classified emails stacked up on a private server–a lapse for which a low-level State employee would have been imprisoned.

Speaking of lapses, here’s what she really looks like.


So, yeah, she’s out there rubbing it in our faces, reminding us that she totally got away with trashing thousands of special government papers. She sez her little hats are sold out, but they can print up more. The money will go to her “Onward Together”–“onward” to what? (don’t ask!)–Political Action Committee.

Go ahead, Hillary–run for president in 2024. I double-dog dare you.

Run as many times as it takes to destroy the Democrat Party.

They raised the stakes this week, raiding President Trump’s home.

They deserve to go down the tubes with Hillary. Someday “I’m with Her” will be a thing they’ll wish they’d never said.

Importing Criminals

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Hail, hail, the gang’s all here! Literally.

A federal court has ruled that the Biden Regime has acted “contrary to law” and in an “arbitrary and capricious” manner in refusing to take dangerous criminal illegal aliens into custody… but instead releasing convicted criminals into the U.S. (https://justthenews.com/nation/states/center-square/federal-court-rules-against-biden-administration-illegal-immigration). The law requires that convicted criminals who cross our border illegally be taken into federal custody (and then deported, in most cases); but The Regime has refused to so.

The Regime lost a lawsuit brought by the states of Texas and Louisiana.

The question is: Why does The Regime want more criminals brought into the U.S. and set at liberty? Can you imagine anything more sinister? “We’re not satisfied with our own home-grown born-in-the-USA murderers, rapists, drug dealers, sex traffickers and ne’er-do-wells! We’ve gotta bring more in from other countries.” What kind of toxic lunacy is that?

It’s liberal Democrat toxic lunacy; and it’ll kill our country if we don’t get these people out of office.


Sanders: Let Jailbirds Vote from Prison!

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Are you thinking of sitting out the 2020 presidential election, or quixotically voting for some third-party candidate who has literally zero chance of winning?


The latest Far Left Crazy offering from the Democrat Party, trotted out by socialist Bernie Sanders at a CNN “town hall” this week, is a scheme to let incarcerated felons vote–from prison (https://dailycaller.com/2019/04/23/bernie-says-incarcerated-felons-right-to-vote/). Even the Boston Marathon bomber, he said.

Heck, just cause you’ve made war on society–say, by committing murder, armed robbery, rape, fraud, whatever–shouldn’t mean you don’t get to have a say in who governs that society. Voting, says this Democrat, is an “inherent American right” which apparently you never lose. The Democrat Party has a long history of racking up the votes of dead people, or even people who’ve never existed. And you know they see to it that illegal aliens vote, too.

Asked if she agreed with Bernie’s idea, another Democrat presidential wannabe, Kamala Harris, answered as she always does, “I think we should have a conversation” about that.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are currently more than 2 million adults in America sitting in prison for assorted serious crimes. Why, that’s 2 million votes! Votes to be courted. Votes to be wooed. Votes to be won!

“If you elect me president, I’ll make sure that armed robbery is downgraded to a misdemeanor with no prison time at all…” Go ahead–explain how this is anything but crazy.

The Democrat Party, lawless and irrational, has become an existential threat to the survival of our country as a free republic. We will not be safe until it is put out of business. Permanently.

Oh, Boy! NJ to be Super Sanctuary State!

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Step right up, illegal aliens! No immigration laws here! You’re in New Jersey now, and the ex-Goldman Sachs Obama crony who is now our governor, Phil Murphy, is going to set up a special office to “defend” you from the law… and “from Trump” (http://therightscoop.com/wow-new-jersey-will-become-a-super-sanctuary-state-for-illegals/).

Murphy defeated a “moderate Republican” who believes in Global Warming and sounds just like another Democrat.

The last Goldman Sachs guy we had as governor somehow made several billion dollars of public money disappear. We never learn. We voted for Hillary, too.

So, sure, why not? C’mon down to Jersey! Oh–and the new gov thinks that word “sanctuary” has become a sort of tainted buzzword that gets normal people riled, so from now on they’re gonna say “welcoming.” He’s a bit behind the times: libs have already tainted “welcoming” pretty thoroughly. But they think if they call themselves “progressives,” no one will ever figure out they’re liberals.

Funny, isn’t it? There’s no actual legislation that says you have to jump when a sodomite says jump, and take part in a lesbian pseudo-wedding when they demand it of you; but if you say you can’t do it because it would be a serious sin, they’ll come crashing down on you like the missing half of El Capitan. Destroy your business, write you up as an enemy of the people, and shove you into Sensitivity Training. And you haven’t even broken any written laws.

But the immigration laws are real laws–passed by our elected representatives, signed by assorted presidents, all proper and above-board. These laws, these real laws, Democrats and other leftids insist be violated with impunity.

Gov. Murphy, if I were president, I’d sling your sorry ass into jail so fast, your shadow wouldn’t know where to find you.

‘Protesters’ Knock Out 71-Year-Old Woman

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A gang of left-wing “protesters”–God only knows what they’re “protesting”–invaded Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s Huntington Beach office yesterday and knocked unconscious a 71-year-old woman staffer who was trying to go to a rest room ( http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2017/02/15/rohrabacher-staffer-71-knocked-unconscious-by-group-delivering-valentines-day-cards/ ). The leftid thugs said they were only trying to deliver Valentine’s Day cards–doubtless with a message of love and tolerance.

This is part of a concerted effort to create the illusion that everyone in America hates President Donald Trump and is going to “resist” him. Someone is spending a lot of money to organize, equip, and transport these goons, breaking up town hall meetings, rioting, and assaulting bystanders.

Our former waste-of-space president is encouraging them to do so. But please don’t get the idea that old *Batteries Not Included is actually leading this sedition. He’s just a front man, and not that smart: it’s all he can do just to cast a shadow on the sidewalk.

This orgy of Democrat lawlessness must be stopped. We have a new attorney general now, and it is to be fervently hoped that he will stop it. A government that won’t protect its citizens has no reason for existing.

Please pay attention, everyone: these people are showing us who they really are, and it’s not a pretty picture.

It must not be allowed to continue.