The Peaceable Kingdom… of Cats & Bunnies

I found this video very soothing. Who knew cats and rabbits could be friends? In the wild, everybody eats rabbits. Cats would, if they were big enough. But put ’em under a roof, and it’s cozy-cuddly time.

I think God is trying to show us something here–don’t you?

5 comments on “The Peaceable Kingdom… of Cats & Bunnies

    1. I’m convinced of it. I was taught some rather “progressive” viewpoints of the Bible when I was growing up, but life experience has taught me to take it fairly literally. Eden was a place of peace and harmony, with no death, no brutality, even among the animals. We are promised this as a future blessing and the very thought touches my heart in a very special way. Animals are a Divine gift, not some disposable, mindless, unfeeling creature we should disdain.

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