Substitute Kittens?

Where did these four baby bunnies come from, and why is the cat so cozy with them? Anyone would think she saw them as–well, sort of funny-looking kittens.

The wild bunnies in our neighborhood left much to be desired as mothers. It wouldn’t surprise me if a cat could do a better job.

A Persevering Rabbit

Rabbit wants to get into the box and cuddle with the cats, but it’s not as easy as it looks. The cats don’t seem to care. Obviously more thought is needed. The bunny wanders around the room to consider his next move.

And now it’s time to try again…

Rabbit to Write Cat’s Biography

All the notes to this video are in Russian, but I think what’s going on here is obvious: the bunny is the cat’s biographer. That’s why he follow the cat everywhere it goes: research. The only problem here is that there are two cats and he can’t follow them both at once. He’ll need to hire an assistant.

Cats, Rabbit… and Humidifier

So two cats and a rabbit walk into a bar, and the joke runs out the back door.

Cats and a bunny are intrigued by this room humidifier. I think I would put it away if I weren’t going to be in the room. Mr. Bunny seems all to fascinated by the wires.

Bunny Wants Cat to Wake Up

You’re a cat, you’re taking a nap in this nice, snug basket that’s just the right size and shape–and of course you won’t be allowed to enjoy it. This time it’s a bunny who does everything but grab a bugle and blow Reveille.

But they are obviously friends. Domestication does some funny things.

Cat & Baby Bunny

Oh, that baby rabbit! I think I’m in love!

I’m not sure what the cat in this video is thinking, but then nobody has ever known what a cat is thinking. Maybe the bunny knows.

Bunnies’ Honeys Are Cats

I wonder how my cats would respond to a bunny in the house. Something tells me they’d be afraid of it.

But the cats and bunnies in these videos get along just fine–a glimpse of the Peaceable Kingdom to come.

More Cats & Bunnies

Cats chasing bunnies, bunnies chasing cats, cats grooming bunnies, bunnies grooming cats–what happened to predator and prey? What’s all this… cuddling?

Just a glimpse of what will be, when God is finished refining His work.

Cats & Bunnies

We’ve got a wind and rain storm outside, and maybe two more minutes before my connection conks out and no more Internet–so all I’m gonna tell you is, here’s some cats and bunnies, enjoy ’em.

More Funny Bunnies

Little white bunny chasing big black cat–is that the way it’s supposed to work?

But oh–! Baby bunnies! So cute, they leave you speechless. See? Look how clumsily I’m saying this!