Funcky Chickens

They’ll play with dogs or cats or even people: chickens like a good time.

One thing they don’t appear to like at all is their reflection in a mirror. This is proof that chickens are not narcissistic. Which I’m sure is a relief to us all.

22 comments on “Funcky Chickens

  1. That was pretty good. They sure don’t like their reflection.

    I liked the obstacle course. I can’t think of a healthier form of recreation for children than caring for animals.

  2. Kids who grew up on farms get the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of wild
    and domestic creatures. Everything from foxes and badgers to barnyard
    chickens. Great learning experiences.

    1. People in my home town used to keep chickens, and there were farms with cows within walking distance of my house. Democrats have paved it over, all of it.

    1. I’m still learning how to play chess better. Recently I played chess a few times with Jay and Dad, and I’ve won a few times when playing with my brother, but I lost against them both a few times as well. I still haven’t beaten Dad yet, but a few days ago, brother Jeremy accomplished what I haven’t accomplished before… Dad and Jay are usually the ones who play chess, since I’m working on my project. I’m looking forward to the next lesson!

    2. I wish I could see one of your games, but that would probably be difficult to arrange. You’d have to record all the moves and email the game to me, or post it as a comment. I could then replay it on my chessboard and offer some pointers.

  3. Who would have thought chickens have so much personality? The little boy hugging the white chicken was so sweet! How do you eat them after seeing that? I could never live on a farm–am too soft. I’d end up with a barn full of pets.

    1. Right?! Aww, you reminded me, when my Dad was a boy, he was fond of a certain chicken in the bunch he & my grandparents had. The chicken would strut to the fence, knowing when my Dad was returning from school to greet him. One day Dad’s pal wasn’t with the coop. He knew his friend was dinner that night. It’s awful, just awful!

    2. That’s good person logic. I’ve told myself they didn’t know one chicken from another. I was so saddened when he told me, I don’t recall asking him if they knew.

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