Kittens Need Your Bed

Our kittens were much more interested in the underside of the bed. They disappeared one day. When I finally looked under the bed, suddenly out from the box spring popped the two little upside-down head. They’d found a hole in the fabric, and in they went.

I would have rather they’d frolicked on top of the bed like they do in this video.

And I’ll bet our kittens weren’t the only ones who wanted to get inside the box spring. I don’t see the attraction, myself.

2 comments on “Kittens Need Your Bed

  1. These are really cuties. They could play on my bed any time. Going into the box spring– I had a cat that did that once. Wasn’t too happy about that, but I did love that cat.

  2. For some reason, as I watched this, I was struck by the fact that these delightful creatures were made by the One True God; that He, in all of His power, would take the time to make such a cute, charming, playful, and appealing creature as a cat, and make them in such a way that there are an abundance of cats, never a shortage. Cats are not made in His image, but they do Spring from His imagination, and that tells us something about God.

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