Cuddle Your Chickens

This video is so sweet, you could plotz. I’m not kidding.

Look at how good, how affectionate these chickens are with these young children, some of whom are only just a little bigger than the chicken that they’re cuddling. You’ve gotta love the little boy giving his chicken a ride on a swing, admonishing the bird to “hold on.”

This has got to be so amazingly good for you, growing up. I’m convinced it’d be a better world if a lot more children cuddled chickens.

8 comments on “Cuddle Your Chickens

  1. So amazing to me to see the way these chickens are behaving. It is really cute.

  2. There is something so very right about seeing children caring for animals. I am certain that plays into the original plan; children learning to love and care for others by means of the animals they are around.

    The chickens seemed so docile and patient. I never realized how affectionate a chicken could be.

    1. I would agree. Those kids were cute as can be and the animals were just wonderful. The little boy pushing the chicken on the swing was precious. He was sharing something he really enjoyed with his pet.

      I believe strongly in the restitution of all things and that mankind will be able to live on a restored earth. I could think of no happier prospect than a life filled with children, animals and music, all to the glory of our loving Creator. He has given us amazing gifts in the natural world, even in its fallen state. How much more wonderful when things are restored to their original intent.

  3. I totally agree with ‘unknowable2’. Today kids worship manmade things like their iPhone. The beauty and awesomeness of creation bores them when it should fascinate them!
    Love the chicken in the stroller – with a seat belt on! 🙂

    1. That stroller may have been the best part of the video. That little girls was so attentive. We’re made to give love, even when we are very small, and this little one was giving her pet chicken all sorts of loving attention. 🙂

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