‘We Can Poison Adults’ Minds, Too’ (2015)

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There are movies out there that completely defeat any attempt to understand why they were made. If there is such a thing as immoral space aliens, these might be the culprit.

We Can Poison Adults’ Minds, Too

Really, what is the point of something like this? Trying to show that unrestrained sexual depravity is a way to hold a family together? Shades of Sawney Bean…

“Who? Sawney who?” I hear you say. Metaphorically, of course.

Sawney Bean was the head of a family of cannibals in Scotland, some hundreds of years ago. He might not be real

Unfortunately, this movie is.

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  1. Sexual immorality is one of Satan’s most effective weapons. It’s no surprise that he uses it again and again. I’ve all but given up on movies.

  2. Most entertainment today is not very edifying, its just mindless entertainment. I’ve always thought you can learn a lot from how a society entertains itself. The Romans entertained themselves with blood sports. Today our blood sports are simulated on tv, and heaped with lascivious behavior. Are we really that much different than the Romans?

    1. There are times when I crave mindless entertainment, a la the Three Stooges. But mindless and filthy together are deeply unedifying.

    2. “Are we really that much different than the Romans?”

      It sure seems to have deteriorated in my lifetime. I can’t stand the way many sports heroes behave.

    3. “Sports heroes.” Too bad I can’t spell the sound of a raspberry. Sam Jones, Ernie Banks… come back.

    4. I agree, completely. The sports heroes of my childhood tended to be men of good character (with some exceptions, to be assured) and such positive role models were a force for good.

  3. Now I am asking for prayer. National Public Radio is coming over to my house on Thursday (May 9) to interview me about the 15th anniversary of same-sex “marriage.”

    Please ask the Holy Spirit to speak to them through me.

    When same-sex marriage was forced on us by a liberal Mass. Supreme Judicial Court 15 years ago, I was one of the leaders of the opposition. I retired in 2011 to take care of my dear husband, Joe, who had Alzheimers. He died almost 5 years ago.

    I have tried to keep up with the social issues since, but of course am a bit rusty. Doing a lot of reading now.

    1. Wow, Evelyn! I pray you step into the box and hit the first pitch right out of the park! May the Holy Spirit give you exactly the right words.

    2. “When same-sex marriage was forced on us by a liberal Mass. Supreme Judicial Court 15 years ago…”

      That is the Crux of it. The same thing happened in California with Prop 8. They voted for it twice, I believe, and it was overturned by the legislature. In fact, all the times it was voted on, SSM was voted against by most if not all. But our benevolent overlords sought fit to force it upon without or consent, never mind that nothing like this has ever been done before. The big issue is that is marriage can be redefined, there’s nothing that prevents it from being redefine further. In the need marriage becomes meaningless.

      I’ve been following this and have seen SSM open the doors to other things such as trans bathrooms, trans athletes (who are dominating female sports), the whole idea of gender fluidity which is causing nothing but confusion, the sexualization of children starting to happen, and the assault on religious freedoms. Anyways, good luck to you tomorrow. Keep up the good fight.

    3. Typ correct: “In the end marriage becomes meaningless.”

  4. I believe that is the ultimate goal.

    In the mid-1950s during the Cold War, I was in the 6th grade, when our well-informed Sister of St. Joseph teacher, Sister Adria, told us that “The Communists believe that the only things standing between them and world domination are the Church and the Family.”

    I never forgot that and ever since then I have been watching with fascination as both fundamental institutions have come under ever-increasing attack of all kinds.

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