‘They Sexually Assaulted Each Other… Simultaneously?” (2018)

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Far Left Crazy culture is impossible to understand rationally. And it hasn’t gotten any better since this post was written, three years ago.

They Sexually Assaulted Each Other… Simultaneously?

Gee, remember “#MeToo”? It sort of got quietly put away after it started to chow down on big-name leftid media figures, but its inane spirit is still with us. Sexual anarchy combines with hair-trigger “sexual policing” for a really tricky culture.

Eventually they’ll want to punish you for not having sex.

Kids’ Troll Doll Made ‘Sex Sounds’

​Hasbro Pulls ‘Trolls’ Toy That Makes ‘Sex Sounds’ And Has ‘Inappropriate’ Button Between It’s Legs

Who was the genius who thought of this?

The doll has one button on its belly. Push it, and the doll laughs. But it has another farther down, a button right between its legs. Push that, say some 300,000 people who signed an online petition to remove the toy from the market, and you get “sex sounds.” Including “gasping” or heavy breathing.


The Hasbro toy company admits the placement of the button was probably not the smartest thing they ever did, and is pulling the doll from the market.

But people are wondering whether there’s an organized effort to sexualize little children and prepare them to be sexually abused by adults. Only because there is a zillion-dollar sex trafficking industry worldwide. And a lot of academic kooks at Temple University who’ve been campaigning for years to legitimize the sexual abuse of small children (“adult-child consensual sex,” is their euphemism for it). So, yes, it is reasonable to fear that–probably as the next big “sexual liberation” jihad, now that they’ve got same-sex pseudomarriage and transgender.

It’s hard to pray to God to save us when you know the sorts of things we do. But–

Please, Lord! Remember that these things are done against our will, without our consent, and over our objections.

‘Yes, the Culture Really Does Matter’ (2015)

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The consumption of “entertainment” is a form of passive self-education. A lot of people don’t understand that. That’s why our culture’s such a shambles.

Yes, the Culture Really Does Matter

I don’t know which item on the menu is the most poisonous. The never-to-be-kept promise of impossibly radical autonomy? The utopian blatherings of Far Left Crazy politicians? The offer of unlimited sexual activity?

“Conservatives” who aren’t interested in conserving the culture will wind up conserving nothing.

We’ve already lost so much.

‘We Can Poison Adults’ Minds, Too’ (2015)

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There are movies out there that completely defeat any attempt to understand why they were made. If there is such a thing as immoral space aliens, these might be the culprit.

We Can Poison Adults’ Minds, Too

Really, what is the point of something like this? Trying to show that unrestrained sexual depravity is a way to hold a family together? Shades of Sawney Bean…

“Who? Sawney who?” I hear you say. Metaphorically, of course.

Sawney Bean was the head of a family of cannibals in Scotland, some hundreds of years ago. He might not be real

Unfortunately, this movie is.

Now They Want to Ban… the Handshake

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This is the latest thing sweeping the business world: banning the handshake (https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8930608/handshakes-banned-workplace-rules-sexual-harassment-claims/).

It’s not totally irrational. The idea is to “ban all forms of physical contact to avoid confusion about what kind of touch is appropriate”–because that’s how you wind up with some #MeToo nut filing a sexual harassment lawsuit. Those can be expensive. So you just ban all contact whatsoever, and you’re covered.

Until they come at you for verbal harassment, microaggression, unwanted eye contact, or thinking bad thoughts.

Meanwhile, a survey says that three out of four people in business want the handshake ban. We are at liberty to disbelieve that.

You know what’s so weird about this whole thing? It’s like pole dancing in a burqa. They want to be puritans and libertines at the same time. All these new rules restricting virtually any form of male-female interaction are drawn up against a backdrop of the most widespread sexual anarchy ever seen in history. I mean, if you can get through the day without seeing any pornographic images at all, that’s a pretty neat trick. And they start on you in first grade–with all the gender stuff, “you can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on how you feel,” invitations to your teacher’s same-sex “marriage,” there’s no bottom to this pit.

Our culture is racing off in two opposite directions at the same time.

May the Lord defend us.

‘Calling Evil Good’ (2014)

How would you like to be a publicist, and praise truly awful stuff in hopes of tricking people into thinking it’s good?

Come to think of it, that’s kind of what the Devil does…


The Sex-Bots Are Coming

In case anyone wonders why we’ve been posting so many hymns here lately, just take a peek at the news today.

I have to call attention to this stuff because I am, in a way, a watchman. So here goes.

Robots for companionship–in lieu of other human beings–and as sex partners–in lieu of other human beings–are gonna be “the biggest trend of 2016,” according to The Mirror ( http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/sex-robots-could-biggest-trend-7127554 ).

Lord, if you’ve got any plans for this fallen world, don’t let us delay you. Speaking only for myself, I am rendered almost speechless by the magnitude of our fall from grace. Nor do I have the slightest notion of what we ought to do.

But that’s only one news story, just one, out of piles and piles of copy today. All the others are just as bad.

If I really need to explain to anyone why robot sex is the ultimate in degeneracy, a cultural trend that needs to be blown out of the water today and not tomorrow–well, there’s someone who’s too far gone to understand the explanation, anyhow.

Read the article, get a load of the pictures. You’ll see what I mean.

Just don’t try to do it on a full stomach.

Bigots ‘n’ Haters and Croaking Frogs

Bigot… hater… bigot… hater… bigot… hater…ribbit, ribbit, ribbit…

Hear the libs and the progressives, croaking away like frogs, the same thing over and over again, incessantly repeated. With racist thrown in, at every opportunity.

We are the objects of their incantation.

And why? Because we will not abandon moral standards that have been held, unchanged for thousands of years, by virtually the entire human race. Because we will not jettison sexual morality as defined for us by the Word of God, and instead embrace newfangled pseudo-morality invented only in the last few years by perverts, academics, lawyers, and left-wing politicians. Because we will not be part of a bizarre social experiment based on sodomy and other sexual aberrations.

The temptation is to hate them. It is a very strong temptation. Besides which, it’s right to hate God’s enemies, and to pray for their sudden and complete downfall.

The temptation is to give in to anger.

But I’m pretty sure God wants us to be stronger than that. I think He wants us to have enough faith in Him not to believe that He will wring His hands helplessly while His whole creation is taken over by men who say they’re women.

I think He wants us to resist–not by shedding blood, but by speaking the truth, by prayer, and by refusing to participate in these abominations. Speaking the truth boldly, and not with half a mouth, not with backing and filling and apologizing. The time for that has long since passed.

Those who do abominations, and try to force others to join in–unless they repent, their damnation is sure. It is not God’s will that any soul should perish, but that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9), so that He can forgive them and grant them life.

But there are plenty who will not repent. They’re walking tall and riding high, but they have already perished.

Let the frogs croak. Their incantations are in vain.