The Vanishing Facebook Referrals

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I guess I just don’t understand how things work, social media-wise.

This past week I’ve been averaging approximately no Facebook referrals per day, and it beats me why. I haven’t been censored–well, what I mean is, no one has told me I’ve been censored.

I wonder: could it be that a whole lot of people have left Facebook, and there’s no one around to do whatever it is that somebody does to create a referral? Could their traffic be that far down? If it is, they’ve got problems.

Anybody heard anything about that?

9 comments on “The Vanishing Facebook Referrals

  1. I have heard lots of complaints about the way facebook functions. As for specifics, I don’t know. I really haven’t had much time for facebook in the last few days. I check it once in a while because my grandkids message me that way. However, about half the time, the message will no open.
    I don’t know what is going on with it.

  2. I don’t understand. I’ve shared your articles on FB about 5 times today and many times yesterday??? Of course, the “share” icon never registers more than a “1.” I also tweet them and am able to see that they were in fact posted. However, when I infrequently as possible check FB for my “shares” I can’t find them. I wonder what’s up with that!!

    1. Obviously I don’t understand how this works; but I *think* I only get a “referral” if someone sees one of my posts on your page, clicks it, and is directed to this blog. That’s what seems to have stopped happening.

      But I gather from Erlene and others that people have all kinds of problems with FB anymore.

    2. This info helps. Thanks. PS: I’ll try to get on FB to click on all the articles of yours I posted recently, that FB actually posted, just for fun and retaliation against FB…

  3. Do you suppose you’ve been shadow-banned, as a number of other conservatives have been? Shadow-banning means your posts and/or referrals are blocked, but you aren’t notified about it so you can’t even protest.

    1. I don’t know. I can see my posts on Patty’s FB page, but I don’t know if that means they can be seen anywhere else.

  4. Lee – In Your Facebook doesn’t tell you anything they do- ever. If they ban you they “shadow ban you”- which means nobody can read your posts except you. You can test this by arranging a “post date-” just let a friend know that you are going to post something, such as “hello friend” on your facebook page. Make the post on your Facebook page, then give the link to a friend and ask them if they can see your “hello friend” post. If they can see it, you are not shadow banned. If they can’t, you are shadow banned. Facebook allows for no “repeal” and no “contact with them” above all else. They are a Stalinist organization devoted to censoring all posts that do not conform to spiritually bankrupt neo-Stalinist liberal “group think.” They are also anti-Christian. No surprise there.

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