Why Do They Want Us Stoned?

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Vegetating in the doctor’s waiting room all morning, I got to see a lot of the New Jersey nooze on TV.

They are pushing cannabis, aka marijuana, pot, weed, as the answer to all life’s problems.

Background: A bill to legalize “recreational marijuana” failed in the state legislature earlier this year, despite our Far Left Crazy governor’s well-nigh frantic advocacy; and the feeling now is that they’ll never get it through the legislature. So Plan B is to put it up for referendum–with the idea that the people will always vote to get high.

Meanwhile, we are told on the nooze programs that cannabis “helps your workout” and even “helps your meditations.” Having known more pot-heads, and known them better, than I ever want to know again, I would be astounded to find one of them capable of any meditation on any subject. Or capable of much else, for that matter.

I begin to find it somewhat sinister, this ruling-class push for turning all us peasants into stoners. Why do they want us stoned? Why are they pushing “recreational drugs” at us?

Probably for the same reason they make our schools and colleges so lousy and then insist that everybody go there.

Liberalism is a war against the human brain. They don’t want us thinking. They don’t want us even able to think, should an opportunity present itself. Keep ’em stoned! Keep ’em stewed! They’ll never stand up to us, if they can’t stand up at all!

I have lived long enough to understand leftism as a satanic enterprise.

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  1. It’s astounding. I once worked with a man that used marijuana frequently and was quite open about it. He was a pleasant enough fellow, but he never accomplished much in life. I ran into him, decades later, and nothing had changed. He was nearing retirement age and still living on a shoestring, driving an old clunker and somewhat dependent upon others. It’s sad. I like this person, even though I’ve never condoned his use of drugs. He was not unintelligent or without skill and ability, but his use of marijuana hindered him in many ways. One has to wonder what his epitaph will be.

    1. You should’ve seen it in the Jersey media this morning–push, push, push! Something not very nice is going on here.

  2. Yes, it is really sad. I just read an article about the current failure of the FDA to protect people from prescription drugs. Many of them are even worse than marijuana. They pretend to control things like high cholesterol, and with side effects that cause stroke, heart attack and many other ills.
    These drugs are making millions for the producers, but wiping out a lot of the working people who contribute to the economy and social security, etc.

    1. What arouses my suspicions is the ongoing effort by well-paid, supposedly responsible people in the media and politics to get more and more people to use marijuana. They really are proposing “cannabis”–it sounds so much more Scientific than “pot”–as a pure blessing with absolutely no down side.

    2. There’s gold in them thar leaves! Legalized marijuana is a machine that prints money. Colorado has burgeoned because of it. I’m not in favor of this source of prosperity, but it has been a formidable economic force.

      In order to grow or vend marijuana, there are licensing requirements. I suspect that Big Pharma has a finger in the pie; probably many fingers. They are already familiar with the process and I’d be shocked if some of the new companies in the marijuana business are not in some way related to, or controlled by existing pharmaceutical giants.

      Eccl 10:19 Bread is made for laughter,
      and wine gladdens life,
      and money answers everything.

    3. Depravity always makes money, at least in the short term. In the long term, a nation of stoners will go broke because they are incapable of creating wealth.

    4. Indeed. Colorado is booming like nobody’s business, but the inevitable crash will follow sooner or later and that will spread ruin.

      The economy of Las Vegas tanked circa 2008 and previously good neighborhoods turned into unsafe, crime-ridden places, driving honest citizens to gated communities. The last time I was in Vegas, once your got off The Strip, things began to look rundown and disheveled. I’m not particularly impressed by huge hotels and casinos, so Vegas was no treat to visit.

  3. I know quite a few people who have been able to use medical mj for their conditions with great results; able to reduce doses of other medications, better pain relief, and even ending grand mal seizures completely. There is room for medical mj.

    But recreational mj? Should we have recreational Prozac? Or recreational fentanyl?

    1. I agree. Marijuana does seem to have some medicinal value, but it does not have to be delivered in a form that gets people high. It doesn’t have to be smoked. If you go to the dentist, they use some powerful anesthetics, but they do not change your mental state. I once had some extensive dental work and they had to use enough anesthetics that my face was numb for hours, but I was sober as a judge, because they are able to preserve the anesthetic value of these medications while removing the elements which are mind altering.

      I don’t criticize anyone that has a legitimate medical need for a medication. People routinely use things much more powerful than marijuana when relieving post surgical pain, and most people do not develop an addiction to these medications when used properly. Unfortunately, there are some people that use the pretext of medical marijuana as a way to get high, and that’s a different matter, altogether.

    2. Yup. And it’s that misuse of something that can be beneficial that is messing things up for those who legitimately need it. Like the opioid crisis resulting in my husband having to jump through hoops to get his much needed pain medication – and getting regularly interrogated by his doctor about his use of them, which his doctor is required to do. Considering my husband’s condition and barely controlled pain levels, it’s ludicrous. He may very well get prescribed medical mj to try and control his pain – if the pain clinic ever gets around to calling him in. 🙁

    3. I have the legal right to get roaring drunk in my own home as long as I don’t hurt anyone, but I think I’d be better off not drinking and going in to work.

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