By Request: The Omah (‘Bell Mountain’)

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This is Heidi’s idea, and I’m going with it: taking reader requests for excerpts from my book. It’s only fitting that she have the first crack at it; and she has asked for this passage, from Bell Mountain, introducing the Omah–the squirrel-sized, manlike creatures who will play a large role in the story. We find it on Page 47.

“Jack and Ellayne held their breath. This was no animal whose like they’d ever seen before. Not a fox, nor a rat, nor anything they had a word for.

“It came tiptoeing out on little furry feet, walking on its hind legs like a tiny human being. Indeed, it might have been a human being, if it weren’t so small and covered with glossy brown fur from head to foot–except for its face, which was bare and pale and almost human.

“From outside the light, the creature’s eyes had shone red; but up closer they were brown, almost black, bright and shiny and large.

“It tiptoed up to the bread, hesitated for a moment, and then reached down and picked it up–with hands.

“Little furry hands, real hands like Jack’s own: Jack didn’t know what to think. All he could do was stare as the creature handled the bread with nimble fingers, studying it, sniffing it, and finally stuffing it into its mouth. Jack saw a flash of tiny white teeth.

“With its cheeks bulging, the creature turned suddenly and scampered back into the darkness.”

I’ll take reader requests for excerpts, although I have no idea whether this new feature will be popular. Just make sure you give me the page number and describe what you want to see. Do steer clear of excerpts that might spoil the ending of the story.

Gee, wouldn’t it be great if these excerpts moved people to buy the books?

9 comments on “By Request: The Omah (‘Bell Mountain’)

    1. Thank you, Mr. Duigon! I might as well request one right now! How about Page 1, the very first page of the Bell Mountain series, and also part of Page 2 which talks about the song of Bell Mountain that Jack hears in his dream? I think that is an important part of the story.

    2. OK, I’ll do it… but you can read most of the first chapter by clicking “Books” and then “Bell Mountain.” But maybe it’ll do more good as an excerpt, so thanks, Joshua.

  1. That’s a treat to see again.

    I do t have any particular passages to suggest, but I would suggest that character introductions are a good idea; along with a bit of a teaser about something that character does.

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