Chicoms and Hollywood: Perfect Together

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Communist China is “using Hollywood,” an “expert” has testified to Congress, “to exert influence and deepen its authoritarianism by censoring alternative ideas” (

Surprise, surprise.

A spokesman from the National Endowment for Democracy told Congress that China has been buying American radio stations and other media outlets. Meanwhile, because China is a huge chunk of the global film market, and the Chinese government is assertive about getting what it wants, Hollywood tailors or edits the content of American-made movies to please the Chinese government. And finally, China has been actively trying to extend its influence throughout America’s universities–most often by intimidating Chinese students attending college in America.

Communist China sort of…exports tyranny. Why not? They have a lot of friends in America. “Progressives” admire China’s authoritarian way of doing things. Euro-dorks admire China’s way of doing things. Hey, voter fraud takes effort–so much neater if the peasants couldn’t vote at all. That way you avoid embarrassing surprises, like Hillary not being elected president.

So… if TV and movie content has seemed a little red around the edges lately… that’s probably because it is.

But no more so than our public schools and colleges. And I’m surprised China would ever have to pay for what American liberals are giving them for free.

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  1. At one point, the Russian Communists called liberal activists in the US, “Useful Idiots.”

    1. He meant useful to the Communists. They still are that. Even more so now.

    “Chinese Communist Wants to Own Hollywood Studio”
    Steve Byas11/3/16

    I read an earlier article of a few years ago, describing just how the Communists made these deals and the Americans involved in helping them. It was ugly and scary! If anyone’s interested, i’ll look for it as I saved it somewhere. Been watching China many years.

    1. All totalitarian governments are Satanically inspired. It’s a terrible thing to see. The good news is the God will only allow things to go so far.

    2. Any wisdom I possess comes from the example of the scriptures. God intervened in human affairs at Babel. He knew that no good would come from mankind operating unitedly in opposition to Him.

      As to how far this will go; that is beyond my knowledge, but we have biblical examples of how God will act when there is sufficient reason. God has allowed Satan’s influence on the earth and the results are obvious to all observers. However, God I’d still the Sovereign of both the material and spiritual realms. Christ Jesus has been appointed both to be King and Judge over mankind. This appointment is not in vain. The advancing of ungodliness of our era will not be the final word in the fate of the earth, or of mankind.

    3. Thanks to both of you. Believe me, I’m as upset about what I see happening around me as anyone. The examples in the past, The Flood and Babel, suggest that God has His limits and will only allow things to go so far. Will He directly intervene, or use more subtle means; that I don’t know. However, I do know that His word tells us He can emplace rulers as He sees fit and and that the silver and gold are His.

    4. He never has in the past. Keep in mind, when it got really bad, He caused a massive global flood which was the greatest catastrophe in history, yet he preserved the innocent without a scratch.

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