Countdown to a Contest Winner (plus Byron’s Baby Picture)

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Byron the Quokka is so excited about the impending climax of our comment contest, he has trotted out his baby pictures. That’s him in the pouch. His mother is very proud of him for growing up to be the kind of quokka who can run a comment contest. It turns out quokkas are very found of comment contests and always seem to have one going among themselves.

Anyway, Byron predicts that we’ll have a winner today, before suppertime–so I’d better keep my eyes peeled. It was 87 degrees here yesterday, and now today it’s in the 40s again, so I don’t feel like I’d be much good for anything more challenging than waiting for someone to win the comment contest.

As Byron never tires of saying, “It could be you!”

25 comments on “Countdown to a Contest Winner (plus Byron’s Baby Picture)

  1. Almost everything is cute as a baby (except bugs maybe). I think that’s God’s way of making us want to take care of them.

  2. Awww how adorable … and Byron’s mom is a pretty little thing too. Byron just HAS to become a regular here, even after his comment contest is over. (Please, Lee, pleeeeeeease??) 🙂

    1. Maybe he could be in charge of rounding up the money for the Bell Mountain Movies. He’s cute, so all he would have to do is say how much money we need, and there’s our budget! 🙂

    1. New Jersey and central Ohio are apparently on the same weather track. We went from the 70s and 80s to a couple of days of 40s and 50s, and today they say we’re headed back to the 70s and 80s again. Right now (4 am) we’re in the low 50s. Ah, Central Ohio, ya gotta love it.

    2. It’s been strangely cool here. Monday, it was 57 degrees in SE Arizona. Normally, by this time of year, think 90s or above.

    3. …and famine, plague, pestilence, and war. Not to mention global cooling, which many of us here are old enough to remember as the Chicken Little crisis du jour.

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