New Army Uniforms, ‘Old’ Look

The U.S. Army has approved new dress uniforms which will be ready next year, “The Army Times” has reported. And here’s what they’ll look like.

Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey and four soldiers in Army Greens prototypes show off the uniforms Feb. 1, 2018, on Capitol Hill (U.S. Army)

Hey! They look like World War II uniforms! Well, yes–they’re patterned after World War II uniforms.

Under the disastrous control of President *Batteries Not Included, the U.S. military was a social engineering lab for trying out assorted new variants of weird sexual behavior and atheism, never mind defending the country. Remember how they had ROTC cadets marching around in ladies’ red shoes? Remember how they court-martialed chaplains… for being, well, chaplains?

Well, Dr. Obamastein and Igor are out of office now, and President Trump is trying to bring the Army back to where it ought to be. Connecting with history and tradition, via these uniforms, is part of the cure.

Please, people, please! Don’t ever let Democrats get their hands on our military ever again!

9 comments on “New Army Uniforms, ‘Old’ Look

  1. Looks good, except for the one on the right. It looks like a combination of a military uniform and a moo moo dress.

  2. That is a huge improvement. BDUs have one talent, and that it for making everyone look equally dowdy. From 20’, you can’t tell a one-stripe from a two star general. I understand that in a combat zone, it’s important that officers don’t stand out, but a CG working in what is essentially an office building is hardly in danger by displaying a little jewelry.

    On occasion, I’ve had to do some work that involved being on base and, frankly, I appreciate knowing who is who in that situation. With BDUs, you have to be fairly close, then stare at relatively indistinct logos sewn to the chest of the uniform. I have, literally. Had a two star walk right past me and had no idea that was a senior officer until he was at arm’s length. That’s important, because some peon working for a vendor wants to stay out of the way of a senior officer. Civilians are not expected to salute, etc. but smart civilians avoid the attention of senior officers and get the heck outta the way if one walks past.

    Anyhow, I like the new uniforms and appreciate that they remind us of the time when America played a key role in defeating tyranny. I can’t help but think that active duty personnel will experience an improvement in morale when they aren’t forced to wear something that looks like pajamas designed by someone with poor taste.

  3. Step in the right direction with the Army. This is the second best US military uniform…after the Marines’ dress blues (my bias as a Marine is showing).

    1. My Uncle Ferdie looked like a Marine recruiting poster in his dress blues. In fact, he looked so good, they wouldn’t even think of risking him in a battle. He spent WWII in Puerto Rico as an admiral’s chauffeur. That wasn’t why he’d joined the Marines, but what could he go about it?

  4. I would support our military getting their hands on congress!! If not, at the end of Trump’s second term, they’ll be wearing pentagrams.

  5. I have a picture of my grandfather from that era, wearing his WWII uniform. He looked really sharp. Kind of neat to see that style back, though I can’t comment in how comfortable it is for those who have to work in it.

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