Follow the Bouncing Goat

All of a sudden I’m feeling quite tired. Well, you should’ve seen me whip up that opening scene of my new book. Who knew I could write so fast?

I’m also feeling a little bit whimsical–and what better way to satisfy that than by watching some goats on trampolines? We know baby goats love to play, but some of these are full-grown and they’re still diggin’ it. I wish I could be out there with them. I mean, how hard can it be, to bounce around on a trampoline?

10 comments on “Follow the Bouncing Goat

  1. Yes, I sure wish I had some of that energy. My son’s goats look just like these, and they do all this and more, and they do not even have a trampoline.

    1. Thanks for watching, Mr. Duigon! I’m happy that I’m finally able to show you one of Jeremy’s projects!

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