Byron’s in Charge

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I am dreadfully busy today, so I’ve left Byron the Quokka in charge of this blog. He insists he’s up to it. In fact, he says, we’ll probably get more views with him running it. I’m too set in my ways, he says.

Well, all right, here’s his chance. Since the comment contest ended, he’s been itching for something to do, he keeps tugging the cuffs of my pants. I can’t take it anymore.

Can he do it? Can he drum up readership?

We’ll just have to see.


7 comments on “Byron’s in Charge

  1. Well, I for one will respond any time Byron appears. Such a dear little nose, very boopable.

    Is he going to give us some of his own opinions — I mean other than about boopable noses?

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