‘Are We Flaming Crazy?’ (2016)

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It always starts with people happily marching in the streets.

How come utopia always turns out looking like dystopia? Especially when it’s on a college campus!

Are We Flaming Crazy?

You know libs are just dying to bring Bias Reponse Teams into off-campus American life. Hey, wouldn’t it be great! Hot dog, the least little slip of the tongue can land you in a world of hurt! You couldn’t trust anybody…

You and I aren’t made that way, so we can’t see the attraction in this sort of thing. We aren’t crazy. We aren’t Democrats. The idea of a police state, run by themselves, just turns ’em on: they can’t resist it.

Let them get back into power, ever again, and watch the whole country get turned into a gulag–oops, I meant a college campus. Getting a little hard to tell the difference. A campus is a gulag with lots of late-night parties?

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  1. If there’s one saving grace, it’s that the people with these notions represent a very small slice of the population. In the long run, they will fail.

    1. Small minorities motivated by fanaticism and uninhibited by morality have eaten lots of countries that should’ve known better.

      Crush them first, then be nice.

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