A Baby Potto

Here’s a critter some of you may not have ever heard of: the potto.

There are no tree sloths in West and Central Africa where the potto lives, so the potto has taken on the sloths’ job of hanging upside-down, moving very slowly, living in the trees, and being cute. The baby potto in this video was born in the Cincinnati Zoo in 2010.

Unlike sloths, pottos are nocturnal. Bad bridge players, too. But neither of those characteristics should be a bar to making friends.

God’s stuff–way cool.

7 comments on “A Baby Potto

  1. Bad bridge players? What does that mean? I think the Pottos would like it in my back yard with all the tall trees. I wonder what the squirrels would think of them?

    1. You’ve obviously never played bridge with a potto. Not only are they lousy at it, but they are exceptionally slow. 🙂

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