Can You Buy Eternal Life?

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It’s the free gift of God to all who believe in Jesus Christ (John 3:16), but some of the world’s richest men don’t believe it. Instead, they’re looking to buy eternal life (

The Star reports five of the most popular live-forever schemes. 1) Find a cure for aging. Lotsa luck with that. 2) Put a computer chip in your brain because “humans must become one with machines,” blah-blah. Prepare to merge with your toaster-oven. 3) Buy “apocalypse insurance.” Somebody needs to brush up on the Book of Revelation. 4) Get a lot of transfusions of “young blood”! Elizabeth Bathory tried that, but she died in 1614 after living in solitary confinement for five years. Today’s tech billionaires seek to improve upon her methods, which included serial murder. 5) “Digital consciousness,” meaning “upload your brain into a computer.” There’s a catch to it–your body dies.

Is this pathetic, or what? Do these people think they’re indispensable? (“I must be, or I wouldn’t have a billion dollars!”)

God help us if any of these tricks ever seems to work. Then every politician in the country will follow suit. Welcome to Year 700 of Listening to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Would you believe it? She’s still complaining!

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  1. How about cryogenics? Walt Disney and David Rockefeller have been frozen in case someone invents a way to restore them back to life – good luck with that chump.

    1. Ditto Ted Williams–although I’ve heard his head has gone missing.

      Has anybody asked if the world needs a second go-round of David Rockefeller?

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