A Very Musical Household

This is what you get when Daddy and Mommy are musicians–a musical household.

Well, at any rate you get a dancing toddler and a dog who plays the piano and sings, insofar as a dog can do such things. Betcha J.S. Bach had this in his house! Anyway, we saw it last night and I knew I’d have to share it with you all.

One comment on “A Very Musical Household”

  1. I laughed out loud. Lots of things to like in that video, a child, a beagle, a piano, a toy guitar and some very imaginative and spontaneous dancing.

    The dog knew just what it was doing, although I think it may have overdone the dissonance a trifle. Message to beagle; we already had one Thelonious Monk, that was enough. :j

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