‘Urine Therapy’???

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No, I don’t want to illustrate this stuff. Here’s a nice basking painted turtle instead.

Here we go again with Colorado. They must be trying to catch up to California as the looniest state in the union.

A bunch of Colorado kooks now claims that “urine therapy” is good for what ails you (https://detroit.cbslocal.com/2019/06/13/this-works-group-says-drinking-your-own-pee-good-for-you/). You can drink it, rub it on your skin, or even put it in your eyes. It says so in Healing Water from Within by… Brother Sage. From Boulder. That’s where “Urine Therapy of Colorado” has its regular meetup. What would you pay to be excused from that?

Don’t look now, but our culture’s melting down by inches. Satan’s servants work at it tirelessly.

They’re working toward that point where the whole thing just falls down.

Which is why we should be working to advance Christ’s Kingdom.


12 comments on “‘Urine Therapy’???

  1. I have heard of this insanity some time in the past. Some “guru” of some fake religion did this disgusting thing, and when I read it, I felt like barfing.
    It is amazing to see the lengths some people will go to in order to become a servant of satan.
    Yes, we need to be much more diligent in advancing the Kingdom of God. His power is available to defeat this mess, but if we don’t use it, shame on us.

  2. Oh, I spent two hours in the clinic, had Xrays, several BP checks, other stuff, and the doc is still scratching his head. Have a return appt in two weeks, no answers, just more questions. hmmph. Just leaving it in the hands of the Lord and struggling along. Thanks for asking, and for prayer.

    1. What? All of a sudden doctors are afraid of offering a diagnosis? We’ve encountered this, too. Patty took that whole bunch of tests and never got a freakin’ diagnosis–let alone any kind of treatment. And, like, we really need some!

  3. One of the leaders who succeeded Mahatma Gandhi was a believer in this (Gandhi thought a daily enema was a good thing). Please, lets see the science behind these claims.

    1. Simple: they’re better than the rest of us. Just talk to them; they’ll be happy to let you know by using ever PC buzz-phrase on earth. I did some work at a well known company which was headquartered there and kept an ear cocked to the conversation of the workers. Basically, a bunch of hyper-“educated” ninnies, making slightly more than minimum wage comparing notes on how politically correct they were and bragging about riding their bikes to work during snowstorms. Biggest bunch of snowflakes I’d seen in one place since the Christmas Eve blizzard of ‘82.

  4. CSI had an episode that featured folks who drank their own urine. And I think it was the CSI that supposed to be in Nevada.

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