No Moar Consurfatives aloud In collidge!!

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{this it is us out-syde The Dene’s Ofise!}

Wood yiu beleave it?? Fore or Five Racist Biggits thay got tagether “and” caled thareselfs “Yung Amarickens Four Freeedem”” and “thay” aksed the Collidge to give themb Offisule Reckonition!!!

Well naturely The Collidge thay sayed No we woont!! Of coarse not!!! Becose jist havving “consurfatives” arownd it wood “be” Vilence aginst Mynaritty Stodents and it wood doo themb reely Bad Emocionel Harm”!! Woops i hased a Typo in thare somwear but now i cant Fynde it! If Hillery she was pressadint insted of Donold Trumpt thare woodnt “be” no Typoes!!!

This gived us a reely good idear So we whent to the Dene and de-manded “that” themb Racist Biggits thay shood “be” Eckspellled!!! thare shoodnt be none “Of” those consurfatives in Collidge anyhow becose it Makes emocianel Harm jist to has themb thare!!! Jist fore themb To Ecksist it “is” Vilence!!!!!! and The Dene he agreeed whith Us and he done it tooo,, rite Affter we toled him we wood key his Car iff he diddnt!!!

So nhow thare isnt No Consurfatives alloud heer At All!! And yiu know watt?? that is ecksackly how yiu Get Socile Jutstus!!! And aslo Divvercity!!! somboddy he sayed themb YAFF Biggits thay was goingto Sue the Collidge so we toled themb that iff thay did We wood give thare Names and Dresses to Antifa and then wood “they” “be” Sorry!!!!!!

20 comments on “No Moar Consurfatives aloud In collidge!!

    1. All of my Joe Collidge posts are merely exaggerations of real things that are said and done at colleges. It’s the real things that offend me.

    2. Well this was too real to what many universities and students there are ALREADY SAYING! Plus I’ve been having a running feud with a friends of mine recently. It’s like arguing reason with a fanatic, who claims to be “moderate”.SIGH…friends!

    3. When they say those asinine things, they *think* they are demonstrating their virtue, their wisdom, their courage, and their superiority. That’s why they say them.

    1. The piece was written right after a university (I forget which one) withheld official recognition from the YAF, a mainstream conservatives’ organization that’s been around for decades.

      If college wasn’t truly the travesty that it’s become, there’d be no Joe Collidge posts.

    2. True. and elitist arrogance is rampant in this community, too. Intelligent creatives…so easily swayed and manipulated! But we are not immune—Galatians 6:1.

    3. Well, I went to college. I know what it’s like to be manipulated. Took me 30 years to get back on track, after the job they did on me.

    4. They had to be more subtle about it then, less heavy-handed than they are now. But decades of public schooling and a really dumb pop culture have done their work only too well.

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