‘This Is My Father’s World’

I’ve always loved this hymn, This Is My Father’s World. I guess because I love beautiful places. There are those who don’t. But we are here today to celebrate God’s handiwork. Fernando Ortega sings. The beauty whispers, “God is nigh!”

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6 responses to “‘This Is My Father’s World’

  • Erlene Talbott

    This is a favorite of mine, too. I do so love the beautiful creation of our amazing Lord. I enjoy it each and every day.
    By the way, I left off all RX’s last evening and this morning, and I am feeling pretty normal so far today. Thanks for prayer, which is so much more beneficial than medicines.

  • Erlene Talbott

    It is perplexing, and I suspect there are many different explanations, but one thing is certain, there is something very adverse going on. I remarked on your other blog post about this.

    • leeduigon

      Now it’s our computers. I couldn’t send my reply to your comment–let me try it here instead.
      Of course I will post Doc Watson! In fact, I already have.

  • Erlene Talbott

    By the way, might I suggest you post Doc Watson’s song What a Friend We Have in Jesus again? I never get too much of that one.

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