‘This Is My Father’s World’

I’ve always loved this hymn, This Is My Father’s World. I guess because I love beautiful places. There are those who don’t. But we are here today to celebrate God’s handiwork. Fernando Ortega sings. The beauty whispers, “God is nigh!”

6 comments on “‘This Is My Father’s World’

  1. This is a favorite of mine, too. I do so love the beautiful creation of our amazing Lord. I enjoy it each and every day.
    By the way, I left off all RX’s last evening and this morning, and I am feeling pretty normal so far today. Thanks for prayer, which is so much more beneficial than medicines.

    1. You have inspired one of my blog posts today.
      I’d really like to know why it’s so hard to get a diagnosis anymore!

  2. It is perplexing, and I suspect there are many different explanations, but one thing is certain, there is something very adverse going on. I remarked on your other blog post about this.

    1. Now it’s our computers. I couldn’t send my reply to your comment–let me try it here instead.
      Of course I will post Doc Watson! In fact, I already have.

  3. By the way, might I suggest you post Doc Watson’s song What a Friend We Have in Jesus again? I never get too much of that one.

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