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By Request, ‘Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus’

Requested by Laura: words by Charles Wesley, sung by Fernando Ortega, to the glorious Welsh melody we also know as “Hyfrydol”–Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus. Honestly, does it get any better than that!

‘This Is My Father’s World’

One of my all-time favorite hymns, going back to Sunday school–This Is My Father’s World, here sung by Fernando Ortega. I don’t know about you, but the beauty of God’s handiwork, coupled with a hymn like this, never fails to stir my soul.

By Request, ‘Be Thou My Vision’

This hymn is some 1,300 years old, and now more popular than ever. Think about that!

Requested by Joshua, Be Thou My Vision, sung by Fernando Ortega.

This is the first-year anniversary of Joshua’s blog. Yoosh, that year went by fast!

‘I Need Thee Every Hour’

I can’t hear this hymn without remembering my mother singing it as she did her housework: I Need Thee Every Hour. This rendition is by Fernando Ortega.

I can’t say my parents were holy joes; but there was always a Bible in view (living room, their room, our room), always a picture of Jesus on the wall, and hymns sung or hummed or whistled as part of daily life.

I am glad we lived that way!

‘This Is My Father’s World’

I’ve always loved this hymn, This Is My Father’s World. I guess because I love beautiful places. There are those who don’t. But we are here today to celebrate God’s handiwork. Fernando Ortega sings. The beauty whispers, “God is nigh!”

By Request, ‘Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing’

This is another hymn that I love, and thank you, Joshua, for requesting it–Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing, sung by Fernando Ortega.

Hey! If you’re new here, and you’d like me to post a hymn, just do as Joshua has done and leave a comment anywhere on the blog–and if I can find your hymn on Youtube, I will post it here.

By Request, ‘Give Me Jesus’

Suggested by Susan: Give Me Jesus by Fernando Ortega–and whoever put together the video that goes with it deserves a lot of credit, too. “You can have all the world–give me Jesus.”

By Request, ‘Angels We Have Heard on High’ (with Prayer Request)

I really didn’t want to write up any more nooze today, so I was happy when Joshua came up with this Christmas hymn request: Angels We Have Heard on High, by Fernando Ortega. Ah, that’s better!

Please join me in prayer.

O Lord our God! In Jesus’ name, please bless this Christmas season and give it power to work all throughout the year, every night and every day, to draw our hearts to Jesus Christ and move us to work and pray for His Kingdom. Amen.


By Request, ‘Creation Song’

God’s handiwork reveals its maker. Fernando Ortega celebrates God’s handiwork in Creation Song, requested by Joshua.

I love being able to look out my window and see the golden leaves on all the trees, and the bright red head of the woodpecker as he hops up and down the trunk. It tells me, “God is nigh.”

I am sure there will be no leaf-blowers in Heaven.

‘Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing’

Robert Robinson was only 22 years old when he wrote this hymn, published in 1757–Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, here performed by Fernando Ortega. Sing along if you like: here are the lyrics.

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